Getting Balmy


One Love Organic Skin Savior – £30*

I am back in love with the World of balms. Gels are being pushed into the second cleanse category and I’ve been craving something a bit thicker and more nourishing when it comes to taking my makeup off. The REN No.1 Purity Balm* still reigns high in my heart (however it may just have been pipped to the post, more on that later!) but me being me I can’t resist putting something new to the test. One Love Organics are a organic (funnily enough) brand and their Skin Saviour is a waterless balm that can be used for a multitude of things. All their products are hand-made and hand-filled using ethically sources materials. Looks good in the pot, smells divine but how does it fair when put to the test?

The Skin Saviour is a rather thick balm that you massage into your skin to lift all the makeup and bacteria from the day away from your face. It contains pressed plant oils and cleans your skin without stripping it. One thing I firstly noticed is that this balm is quite scented, not in an unpleasant way but I did debate whether this would cause me to break out. As it promised it did lift everything away a dream however felt rather oily on my skin during cleansing. This didn’t linger long though and after washing it away with water and a flannel it disappeared.

Although this helped to keep my skin clean and nourished I do believe this caused me to break out slightly. Not sure whether it was down to the fact that this is too intense to use as a cleanser every night, but I found a few breakouts appeared across my chin. This balm can be used for head to toe cleansing (though maybe not at this price point!) and also moisturising dry or stubborn areas. The consistency and formulation felt a dream but due to the reaction I had I now save this for spot applications.

*pr sample