De-Stress your Muscles


Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Gel – £22*

Muscle gel? Really? Have I suddenly become a female weight lifter and gained an extensive volume of muscle mass overnight? Now wouldn’t that be a site for sore eyes ;) Although I may not be bench pressing whilst at the gym, I have found this De-Stress Muscle Gel from Aromatherapy Associates to be utterly divine. It may sound strange but I find if I am sat in the same position for too long or now that I have the joy of a London commute each morning and night, I find my legs can tire by the end of the day. Pair that with a gym session when I am feeling adventurous and my legs give up! It can be easy to forget the simple step of TLC when you are constantly on your feet and this gel not only gives you a chance to take some time out to recuperate, it also helps to de-stress your body.

In the Winter especially I like to apply a body moisturiser in the evening. Not only does this help to prevent my skin from drying out but it also awakens my circulation. Good for supple looking skin and also good to help keep me warm in the cooler evenings. This gel sinks straight in and the addition of lavender in the ingredients helps me drift off to sleep. Then in the morning when I awaken my legs feel rested and ready for the day ahead. As a luxury addition to your nighttime routine or as an added extra for those pamper evenings, this is perfect. Our muscles can go through a lot on a daily basis, it’s time to give them the TLC they deserve.

*pr sample