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Lotion Yon-ka – £33*

After talking about some delightful beauty bargains yesterday, it’s time to dive back into the other end of the spectrum and embrace all things luxury. Yon-Ka are just that, pioneers in aromatherapy their research resulted in a breakthrough discovery called “Quintessence”. The   unique combination of five essential oils from the Mediterranean, the founders harnessed this knowledge and incorporated it into a skincare line. Starting as a family owned French company you can be rest reassured that the products are not only extremely well made, they contain key ingredients to make your skin look beautiful.

The Lotion Yon-Ka is just that. One of Yon-Ka’s signature products this toner is made up of five essential oils that purifies and tones the skin. For normal to oily skin types the carefully selected combination of lavender, geranium, thyme, rosemary and cypress misted over your face, transports you to a Parisian spa where you are being pampered and left totally relaxed. This toner is alcohol free and aids in preparing your skin for moisture and any upcoming treatments.

A 200ml bottle will set you back £33 but it will also give you a moment of utter luxury. Used as a toner or throughout the day to refresh your skin and makeup, a spritz of this and all the essential oils will start to work their way around your body. Yon-Ka also recommend that with any excess product you massage it in using the effleurage and tap technique (aka a mini facial at home). If you are looking for the epitome of French skincare all inside a single product, this is it.

*pr sample