Blast From The Past #20


Dior Addict Lipstick in 554 It Pink

It has been an entire month since I’ve graced this blog with a ‘Blast From The Past’ feature, time really does fly! With new beauty releases popping up left, right and center, sometimes a few key items can find themselves towards the back of your collection end up slightly dusty and unloved. It’s not that you didn’t love them in the first place, but when something shiny and new comes rolling into town, it’s easy to get distracted. This is exactly what happened with this Dior Lipstick. When initially purchased it was all that I would wear, but since then other glosses, lacquers and lipsticks have drawn my attention elsewhere.

When Dior first released this range of lipsticks I believe this was the hero shade that appeared in the adverts with Kate Moss as the model. I’m not 100% sure if this shade is still available as it isn’t showing up online, however they do have a huge shade range to choose from. What I love about this lipstick is a) the packaging (you can’t deny it is gorgeous) and b) the fact that is it almost like a hybrid lipstick and gloss in one. It adds a lovely sheen to the lips which doesn’t make it drying however it isn’t so glossy that your hair ends up sticking to your lips. The shade adds a hint of colour without being too overpowering and the tone of the pink is enough to stand out but doesn’t overpower your makeup.

This lipstick has firmly been replaced back into my handbag and my current lipstick love list.