Wayne Goss Eyeliner Trick


Wayne Goss Cat Eyeliner Flick Tutorial

Hands up – who else like me finds applying eyeliner the most impossible task in the World? No matter what tools I pick up or how hard I try to master this one look, I always end up with a wonky cat eye that is uneven and never lines up. Whether it be a gel, pencil, pen or shadow I’ve got in my grips, the problem persists. The fight recently became too much and I succumbed to the fact that eyeliner would never be friend, this was until a video popped up in my YouTube subscription feed from Wayne Goss that has changed everything.

If you haven’t seen the video in question I strongly recommend you click on the link above and give it a watch. The premise is that using a liquid eyeliner pen can transform how you apply liner as it does all the hard work for you. Wayne demonstrates the trick by using the pen lined up to where you want the liner applied, then you simply drag the pen to the center of your eyeline to create the winged look. Sounds too simple to be true but that’s really all there is to it.

Since watching this video I quickly ran out and snapped up two eyeliner pens, firstly the Soap & Glory Supercat in Carbon Black Extreme and then the Pixi Lash Line in Black Silk. If you are looking for a liner to pack on the colour then Soap & Glory is where it’s at, however if you are looking for a more precise and thin line then the Pixi Lash is your best bet. Since picking up these liners I’ve sported the cat eye look pretty much everyday and love it, I still apply the liner a bit too thick but my skill level is improving! All thanks to Wayne and his eyeliner knowledge :)

  • Love Wayne but I still can’t do flick eyeliner! My eyelids are too crinkly so the wand just gets caught up in the wrinkles!

  • Emma C

    The eyeliner looks great! i still can’t manage to get even flicks haha! x

  • Lou S

    I’m going to check the video right now, I can’t get even flicks either!


  • Amber Hunter

    I have always loved using black eyeliner pens as I find it simplifies applying eyeliner! Recently I’ve been trying out gel liner but it definitely is not as easy. My favorite liquid pen is the one from Stila; it’s a bit more expensive but really worth it!

    xx Amber

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  • Jodie Melling

    Great post! There is a black liquid eyeliner pen free with Marie Claire magazine out tomorrow I will definitely be giving this a go :-)

    Jodie x