Superdrug Hauling


Rimmel New Salon Pro in 313 Cocktail Passion – £4.49 | Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon in Orange Punch – £7.99 | Bourjois Eye Liner Feutre Noir – £6.99

The last thing I need to be doing right now is perusing the aisles of the British drugstores and getting lured into their special offers. Why I allowed myself into such places at the moment is beyond me as I knew only one thing would happen – yup you guessed it I shopped. Not only that, I also have a Boots haul to share with you guys that happened before this, I’m unstoppable! Even though my Boots haul happened first I feel the need to share this one with you as soon as possible, the reason why will be revealed later (I’m so mysterious!)

The first thing I picked up was another shade of the Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Varnishes. These are currently on offer for the steal price of £2.99 so clearly another one had to be added to my stash. I have already raved about these polishes on my blog with the colour 500 Peppermint becoming a firm favourite in my collection – swatches can be found here. Their super thick brushes and opaque finish make them a breeze to apply, although they don’t live up to their 10 day chip resistant claim I manage to get a good 4/5 days out of the polish before any chips start to appear.

The next item I picked up was on a complete whim. I have been lusting after the Clinique Chubby Sticks for a while and am always interested to see how any cheaper dupes fair up, especially when the pencil is able to be twisted up to get more product as opposed to requiring a sharpen (I have something against sharpeners). This offering from Bourjois is just that, a twist up formula that claims to give you colour and gloss all at once. I fell for the colour Orange Punch and am really impressed with it. Whilst being sheeny you still get a decent amount of payoff and it doesn’t disappear off you lips before you have left the house. Easily to apply on the go and no sharpener needed – it’s a winner for me.

The reason behind me putting together this blog post the day after my shopping spree is all down to the Bourjois Eye Liner. I swatched this in the store and me and my friend fell in love – super black liner with a fine nib that didn’t smudge off your hands. We both whipped one up and couldn’t wait to try it out. Come Sunday morning when I was all ready to put the liner to the test I was met with a dried out nib that scratched at my eyes. I shook the pen, pushed the liner and did everything possible to resurrect it but it was a goner, not just that but the same had happened to my friends. For £6.99 and after being so impressive in store I have never felt so disappointed in a product. This is my warning to you – stay clear of this liner unless you want to throw away £6.99 and not even to get a single use out of the pen. Bourjois you have let me and my cat eye wanting ways down.

Have you tried out the Bourjois Eye Liner before and have you had better luck then me? From now on I will be sticking to their Lip Crayon’s only!

  • Hannah Marie

    I’ve just placed a Superdrug order. I’m terrible when it comes to Superdrug or Boots. The lip crayons remind of the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains. They’re the same price too! I need to add more of the Rimmel Nail Polishes to my collection as well. The colour you picked up looks gorgeous! I’m very wary when it comes to eyeliner pens because I’ve experienced that before, the liner dries up way too quickly. Great post!

    • Unfortunately the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains didn’t stand out as much to me but I adore this Bourjois offering! I find like you eyeliner pens can be very hit or miss xx

  • I love the Clinique Chubby Sticks, and this does look like an amazing dupe! So glad you don’t have to sharpen either of them, I’m with you against the sharpening thing :) xx

  • Victoria

    I find I justify “cheaper” spending in drugstores but when I add it all up I could’ve gone crazy with high end purchases!!
    What a disappointment with the Eyeliner – I would be returning that promptly.
    Victoria x

    • Haha it’s always the way isn’t it! I might see if Superdrug will accept a refund as it was so disappointing xx

  • anita

    I’d recommend the L’Oreal Perfect slim for the liner – I’ve had mine for over 10 months [time for a replacement? :S] and it’s still going strong – AND I use it everyday! It shows absolute no sign of drying and is super easy to use even when in a hurry! I love it to bits xx

    ATA|All Things Anita.. please give me some feedback on my blog! x

  • I have the color “Red Sunrise” which I reviewed, it’s amazing! I’ve swatched Orange Punch a few times, but now I definitely need it after seeing this!

  • SavannahPerry

    I am in love with that lip color, it is the perfect shade for summer!