Budget Beauty: TRESemme Deep Conditioning Treatment


TRESemmé Platinum Strength Deep Conditioning Treatment – £5.69

Recently I have shifted my beauty focus onto my tresses, not that I am currently suffering in split end city but having my hair coloured every few months and after being out in the sun I have noticed that my ends are turning more dry then they have been in the past. I’ve never suffered from dry hair before but have found that my hair has become unmanageable and quite frizzy on the days in-between washes. To combat this I have been injecting hydrating conditioners and treatments into my routine and my mane has returned back to it’s former, sleek self.

One of the products that has been key in returning my hair to a more manageable state is the Platinum Strength Deep Conditioning Treatment from TRESemmé. A drugstore bargain this little bottle can be used on the mid-lengths of your hair for a weekly boost of shine and damage control. As you can see plastered across the bottle this ‘claims’ to visibly repair up to two years of damage, now my hair is not that damaged and I am dubious at how something that costs less then £6 would be able to work such miracles.

With products that are manufactured in such large quantities they usually contain silicone to make your hair feel softer without actually penetrating deep down. They therefore giving you the feeling of sleek hair whilst instead what is happening is your hair is being coated as opposed to treated. Baring that in mind I use this once a week which means that I get the good aspects of this treatment without constantly coating my hair. After a month of using this product I have to say I am impressed, the long term benefits of dramatic damage reversing effects are yet to be seen, but it has helped to treat my hair and give it more nourishment whilst taming the frizz.