Budget Beauty: Summer Glow with Palmers


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Gradual Tanning Moisturiser – £5.35

I do love a bit of bronzed skin – when the sun is shining and skirts are calling you from the forgotten part of your wardrobe, the need for a faux glow becomes even more necessary. Although I do like to get out in the sun (safely) if I can, when it comes to getting a bit of colour quickly I always turn to the faux tan. My ultimate fav that has stood the test of time is the Xen Tan Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe however this is usually reserved solely for nights out. During the week or when I am looking for an added sun kissed glow, I prefer to reach for a gradual tanner. I have tried a few in the past but this year I picked up one from Palmer’s.

Like a moisturiser, gradual tanners can be applied everyday and over time they build up a soft and natural glow on the skin. My daily moisturiser picks recently have been from the brand Palmer’s so when I spied that they did a gradual tanner too I had to give it a go. I apply this to my body each morning and after only a couple of days I could already see a soft colour to my skin. The glow was natural, slightly bronzed and gave a kiss of colour to the skin as opposed to giving you an instant fake tan look.

After the colour has built up I stop using this for a couple of days – the more you use it the more intense the colour will be so once you are happy, I switch to a regular moisturiser. The only thing I will say about this gradual tanner is that you have to wash your hands after using it! It says to do so on the bottle but I pretended a knew better – clearly not as I was then left with some very attractive orange webbed fingers!

Have you tried out this gradual tanner before? What are your favourites for when the sun is shining?