Blast From The Past #19


Origins Super Spot Remover – £13

Welcome to another review that has been long over due on AGAABB (still debating whether that acronym of my blog works!) When I was a young teenager with a spring in my step and little to no understanding of skincare, I pretty much relied on my Mum or shop assistants to guide me in the right direction. I started off in the World of Dermalogica but that quickly became too pricey for my £20 Saturday job at the local pet shop. I wanted to still take care of my skin, as my Mum always in-forced the mantra if you’re going to wear makeup you have to learn how to take it off, so I then turned to the trusty brand Origins. My staple products were the Checks and Balances Cleanser, Zero Oil Toner and Zero Oil Mattifier (my quest for matte skin started young!) These worked a treat for my teenage skin but understandably the hormonal spots began to rise and I needed something a bit more potent added into my routine.

Under recommendation of the sales assistant I picked up my very first bottle of the Super Spot Remover. Packed full of Salicylic Acid that gives a little sting once applied, it works away at calming down the spot and reducing redness. Now it doesn’t remove the spot instantly overnight, but having tried a number of ‘spot busting’ products this is the only one that helps to reduce the size of the spot and help it to clear quicker. Following on from my very first purchase of this magical bottle I’ve been through about 3 of them. You need the smallest amount that I apply with a cotton wool bud and no matter what the type of spot has surfaced on my skin, I can count on this to help it vanish.

  • Kirsty

    I really need to get hold of this product I am using the origins spot remover pads and I love those! They are gentle on my skin but really effective
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    • I use the pads as well when my skin is particularly bad – the both together works brilliantly!xx

  • I tired this when i had a random bad breakout and it only made things worse :( Really wanted to like this x