Holiday Hair



The only problem with changing the colour of your hair is the upkeep. Before I went blonde I used to be the subtle highlights kinda gal that would get the colour hidden under my top layer. This little trick meant that I could go longer between salon trips as the regrowth would be hidden and it meant that my purse strings could breathe a sigh of relief. Another time a change in colour becomes an issue is just before a holiday. I got my last colour done about 6 weeks ago (which you can read all about here). Although my hair wasn’t in drastic condition, it needed some TLC and attention paying to it before I jetted away.

Instead of going for my usual ‘more blonde please’ I opted for one the services that Headmasters offer, the Winter Blonde. This is a treatment where dull and lacklustre blondes are brought back to a brighter future. I was concerned that spending time in the sunshine would cause my blonde to become brassy so I opted for the Winter Blonde treatment to tone down the colour of my tresses, don’t worry nothing drastic like going back to brown not just yet anyway ;) but it means that the slices of blonde stand out more against a slightly deeper base. With the Winter Blonde initially a toner is put on all over your locks and washed away. Afterwards the highlights are added and my hairdresser Siobhan (who knew more of us existed?!) placed brighter sections throughout the front of my hair.

I love the finished colour and the more natural shade of blonde it is. No doubt the California sunshine will be up to some trickery and lighten my hair, but at least now I can ensure I won’t come back looking like Marilyn Monroe, though that wouldn’t be such a bad thing!

Excuse the last photo – this is what happens after taking far too many self photos and finding out your friend is on their way and you need to hurry the eff up!

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