A 10 Day Manicure?


Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polish in 500 Peppermint – £4.49

The other week when I was working up in London I managed to arrive 10 minutes early which ends up in one thing and one thing only – a sneak around Boots. Being based out of London I don’t get the chance to peruse beauty hauls like I used to. Having a spare moment to simply walk around the beauty departments to see whats new is something I would look forward to and plan into my day, but now sadly those chances are far and few between. On this rare occasion I darted into Boots on Oxford Street and immediately eyed up the new nail varnish launch from Rimmel. Their Salon Pro Range apparently gives you up to 10 days chip resistant colour with a gel like finish. The polish themselves contain Lycra and sound pretty similar to the Barry M Gellish Polishes.

I picked up the colour 500 Peppermint as you know me, I can not seem to resist a minty green offering. I had low expectations of this polish but wanted to put it to the test to see if it really could live up to its claim of 10 days chip resistance, and also to see what the formula is like. When first applying this polish I was impressed by the super thick brush you get with it. This not only makes application quick and easy, it also means that you need to apply fewer coats. The first coat was fairly streaky but after the second you are left with an opaque finish. I used a base coat and top coat with this (like I do with any polish) and the finish I found to be lovely. It wasn’t super thick or gloppy and I the colour is really vibrant. Debatable whether it is a gel shine finish, but I am happy with how my nails look.

The top photo of my nails was taken the morning after I applied the polish and the second picture was taken after 4 days wear. As you can see it doesn’t really live up to it’s 10 day claim but I am super impressed with the finish and longevity of this polish. Congrats Rimmel this is a winner for me!

  • I found the same with this polish; it doesn’t last anywhere near 10 days, but the colours are really good and I think they look so shiny on so I’m definitely a fan :) xo

  • Kirsty Pearson

    That’s a really pretty colour shame it doesn’t last for 10 days though x

    • It is – cheeky marketing! I think if I played with my nails less it would last a bit longer but it holds up fairly well xx

  • Kat R

    Lovely colour, I’m such a fan of Rimmel varnishes! I think anything over a couple of days chip free is a result for me haha! x

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  • Jen

    I’m actually wearing this right now, currently on day 6 with no chips! But I think that is down to my new fave base/top coat, Collection 2 in 1 nail hardener, makes my varnish last for at least a week… cheap too! x

  • Petit Promise

    I love this colour! It just sats Spring to me. I also like that the brush is big for those that are clumsy like me… :-)


  • I think it would be hard to get any polish to last for 10 days. Unless you don’t do anything – like the dishes or work. But the colour is pretty & 4 days wear to look like that is pretty good.

    • Very true! Maybe if you wore gloves and didn’t lift or clean for 10 days ;) For the colour and the price they are a winner for me xx

  • I have been loving these polishes, Hip Hop is my favourite, I haven’t got more than 5 days wear out of them but that seems pretty good to me! xx

    • Will check that colour out need to pick up a few more! For the price I think the wear time is pretty darn good xx