Bossy Boots


Butter London Bossy Boots – £12

After doing my Spring Nail Polish picks a couple of weeks ago on the blog, which you can read all about here, the polish that received the most love was Butter’s London minty offering Bossy Boots. The soft pistachio green colour can sometimes come second best to the more power picks such as Essie’s Mint Candy Apple, but it really is a beaut. I picked up Bossy Boots back in October after a sneaky peruse around the Selfridges Beauty Hall on my Birthday. Not necessarily the most sensible colour to pick up in the Winter, this has sat slightly unloved until the big old sun decided to finally make it Spring.

This is the first Butter London polish that I have tried and after a lotta love from the States about the brand I was intrigued to find out what they had to offer. The polishes are easy to apply, no big brush that you will find in the delights of the Essie Diffusion Range, but it is still easy enough to apply. Only two coats are needed to give a complete opaque finish and the colour really does look lovely. For a £12 nail varnish I was a bit disappointed that the polish didn’t last as long as I thought it would, a couple of days later and the chips were starting to show. The wear time has got better with a base and top coat, it all depends on how dedicated you are to your manicure.

Overall I adore this green offering from Butter London and hearing that they are now available in Boots means that I can see myself adding to my collection pretty soon!