Blast From The Past #17


Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanner – £18.00

The Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanner is something that I bought back in May 2012 yet it has never featured on my blog. Why I hear you ask? Well as you can seen I’ve hardly used any of this product and the reason behind it is that I just didn’t get it. Shocking I know as back when I bought it it was being raved about left right and center on the blogasphere, but when I used it I didn’t really notice a difference. It sat unloved for a few months but after seeing it mentioned recently on Suzie’s Blog Hello October I thought it was worth giving it a try again.

The Liquid Bronze is a self tanner for your face. Apply it at night and come morning you awaken with a slightly bronzey glow to the skin. Back when I first got this I think I was too tanned therefore whenever I used it I never noticed a lot of difference. Cut to snow in March and my super pale skin is loving the glow that this gives. One of the problems I had when I initially got this was that I didn’t know when to use it. My evening routine consists of cleansing, toning and moisturising but when it came to adding this in I was left slightly perplexed. I didn’t want to replace my moisturiser yet wasn’t sure if applying it before or afterwards would be best. After some trial and error I now apply this last thing right before I go to bed and it seems to work a treat. It doesn’t have any tell tail fake tan smells and as it just gives a subtle colour to the skin there is no worry when it comes to streaks. Just pop a small amount onto a cotton wool pad, wipe it across your face and your good to go!

The price tag isn’t the most purse friendly but if you are looking to add some colour to your skin and want a product that doesn’t break you out, turn you orange or leave you smelling like biscuits, the investment is worth it!

  • oh thanks for sharing! i am a big fan of a glow on the skin! loved the post!


    • A Girl and a Beauty Blog

      Glad you liked it =) xx

  • I can’t wait till it’s warmer so I can crack out the fake tan, this seems like a perfect alternative for the face. I think body fake tans just look awful on the face.

    Beth x

    • A Girl and a Beauty Blog

      I agree! This looks so much more natural and it doesn’t break me out at all xx

  • Thanks for sharing, it seems like a must have for me, xoxo.

    • A Girl and a Beauty Blog

      No worries!xx

  • It sounds like a great purchase, I’m so tempted lol

    A little bit Unique


    • A Girl and a Beauty Blog

      It is well worth it!xx