Blast From The Past #15


Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Android – £15.50

Boy it’s been a long time since my last ‘Blast From The Past!’ I think the last one was back in the darkest days of 2012 (remember that year? doesn’t it feel like a lifetime ago already?!) so it’s about time another one graced the pages of the blog. This pick was an easy one. This used to be my ‘going out’ eyeshadow back in my uni days and ever since I have stopped being a student and matured into the ways of neutrals and browns this shadow has sadly gone unloved. Also, fun fact, this was my first ever Illamasqua purchase!

This is a Pure Pigment which packs a punch of glitter, dark smokey hues and eye catching shades that looks an utter beaut on the lids. Looking at the swatch makes me a little sad as it really doesn’t do this pigment justice. Yes it can be a bit of a nightmare to apply (like all pigments can) but blended out it gives a subtle darkness to the lid with a hint of glitter. However, pack the colour on and that’s when it really comes to life! Illamasqua describe this as a shimmering charcoal black whereas I would go as far as describing it as a blue black that contains flecks of shimmer that change in the light (see the slight purple hints of colour in the photos). I have been known the wear this packed on my lid for a super intense look or blended out in the crease to give definition and shape. Even if it’s just something beautiful to look at this pigment is well worth it!