Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara


Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara – £11.00

This is one of those products that you don’t know you need until you use it. Something that is purely for your bottom lashes seems a bit excessive and that is what put me off purchasing it for such a long time. My mascaras were fully functioning and worked on both top and bottom lashes but it was only when I kept noticing pesky black smudges that would appear under my eyes during the day at work, which also luckily coincided with £10 worth of Boots points being added to my card during a Christmas promotion, the purchase was made. This bottle is tiny and even smaller then that is the wand.  It contains only 2ml of product (I told ya it was tiny!) and I picked this up in black, however it also comes in black/brown.

At first I wondered if I could even see the wand to apply it in the mornings (luckily I am not that blind yet!) and secondly it took me a couple of days to get into the habit of using it. I am so used to applying my mascara to my top and bottom lashes I would forget to put the wand down and pick up this little beaut. However, after the first application your bottom lashes literally come alive. This tiny wand coats lashes I didn’t even know that I had and the biggest bonus of them all is that it doesn’t smudge throughout the day. Although I do still find this a bit excess to have it works wonders. My lashes are left looking long and and evenly spaced – no clumping going on here! If you are wanting to perfect your look for a special event or simply don’t want your mascara to go travelling during the day is a great addition. Also it’s so darn cute it’s hard not to say yes to!

Have you tried out this mascara before? Would you dive on in and purchase something just for your bottom lashes?

  • I keep seeing this pop up everywhere and I really want to try it! I hate wearing mascara on my bottom lashes purely because of the mess so this might be perfect for me!
    Abbi x

  • I keep meaning to pick this up when I’m in Boots! I seriously need this in my collection!


  • I’ve been eyeing this up for so long! Definitely need to make a sneaky purchase! xxx

  • I was just thinking about buying this about buying this but couldn’t decide if I really needed it! Sounds like I do though!! xx

  • I’ve heard so much about this! i think i would be the exact same as you and forget to use it until it was part of my routine! xx

  • I’ve been thinking of buying this, defo will now!! xx

  • Ive alwaysa wanted to try this as everyone talks and raves about it, it looks so great!:)

  • I got this two Christmases ago as a birthday preseng from my bf and I love it. I find, if I’m in a rush, just a.swipe of this and nothing else helps me look more alert. It’s also really handy for getting all of the tiby lashes on the top, clodest to yiur nose. LOVE!

    Steph xx

    • It does doesn’t it! I never realised that a good bottom lash mascara can help my eyes look bigger and more awake!xx

  • Just like you said, I’ve always thought the idea of a bottom lash only mascara a little excessive. I suppose if you have a super dramatic mascara it can be a bit too much for bottom lashes so it definitely sounds like the kind of product you’d love once you tried it.. just not sure I’ll be splurging just yet! xx
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    • Yeah it took me a while to build up to getting it and the only reason I did was thanks to my Boots points!xx

  • Ive always been really tempted by this as it claims to not smudge throughout the day and this is a major problem for me I look like a panda by 5pm haha!

  • I’ve heard a lot about this product, sounds great but I don’t know if I would go to the extent of buying a new mascara purely for the bottom lashes! Great post xx

  • It’s so teeny and cute :) xx

  • My lashes are quite long that anything that doesn’t smudge is a god send for me! I need this in my life.
    Looks good :)


  • Very nice! I think I had seen this one before somewhere on youtube, but thanks for the reminder! I think I would purchase this. It’d be nice to have something that you know won’t smudge.

    • Exactly then you don’t need to worry at the end of the working day needing to do touch ups =) xx

  • I looove this, it’s amazing for watery eyes like mine!

  • I’ve never tried a clinique mascara before, but this looks great on you! I’m obsessed with Max Factor mascaras and theyre cheaper s I think I’ll stick to them!


  • Wow that looks so good, I’ve never heard of bottom lash mascara before but this seems great if it doesn’t smudge!
    I’m always left with a darker line under my eye by about midday where my mascara has slid off my bottom lashes! xx

  • Wow that does make a difference. Nice!

    • A Girl And A Beauty Blog

      Does doesn’t it =) xx

  • Iv heard so much about this! It’s defiantly something I would try! Xx

    • A Girl and a Beauty Blog

      I’m impressed by how good it is!xx