Beauty Bloggers Talk Lipsticks


There comes a time when a girl just has to buy some lipstick. I can’t remember the last time I bought a lipstick let alone a MAC lipstick (thinking back I think it was Creme Cup that I bought all the way back in February 2012!!) My streak of being good and not buying anymore MAC lipsticks was coming to an end and I was feeling the need to splurge. This need was also not helped by some lipsticks making into some certain bloggers favourites posts and looking utterly beautiful meaning I just had to snap them up. Therefore this post is all about those lip adorning beauties and also which bloggers their recommendations came from.


MAC Plumful – £14.00 aka the Lily Pebbles from What I Heart Today

Plumful is the perfect lipstick if you want a bit of colour on your lips but don’t want to be too daring. It is a lustre finish which means that it is slightly sheerer then other lipsticks but that’s what makes it so perfect to pop on your lips! I love the subtle boldness to this colour. It packs the punch yet looks so natural. I have been reaching for this pretty much everyday since getting it and love how you can wear it with anything! Lily has featured this lipstick in a few of her recent videos and every time I see it I am reminded why I dashed out to pick it up. My first step into MAC lipsticks was in the anything nude category but this lipstick is a great breakaway and gets you venturing into the bolder aspects of life.


MAC Brick-O-La – £14.00 aka the Estée from Essie Button

Hands up who else watched Estée’s 2012 December Favourites and rushed out to buy this? *places hand firmly in the air!* I have been venturing more into the land of the big, bold and beautiful when it comes to lipsticks recently as it’s a great way to finish up or enhance your look without having to slap on loads of makeup. This lipstick is exactly what it says – a brick red with more of a dark undertone then your standard red lipstick. The is an amplified formula so it does pack alota colour, but as the lipstick is of a darker tone it doesn’t look too bright or ‘in your face’ on your lips. This is a really unique colour that you don’t need to think too much about when applying however ever time I do I am reminded by how beautiful it is.


Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in 110 – £5.49 aka the Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup

After watching Anna’s ‘Super Simple Red Lip Tutorial’ this lipstick quickly winged it’s way onto my ‘Must Have’ list. I have a couple of red lipsticks already in my little stash however what I liked about this one was the brightness it had in colour and it’s orange undertones. The Matte Kate Moss range for Rimmel bypassed my beady eyes and what a shame is did as this is an absolute beaut! It was my New Year’s Eve lipstick of choice and it’s slight coral redness is a keeper.

Have you tried out any new lipsticks recently and have you picked up these Beauty Blogger favourites?