Beauty Edit: Makeup Brushes


Quite often my friends or readers of my blog ask me what my standout/go to/favourite makeup brushes are. I have used makeup brushes for a long long time as I’ve never been a fan of blending my makeup in with my hands (bacteria alert!) and also I prefer the flawless finish they give in seconds. I am not really loyal to one brand of makeup brushes and have flitted between a few over the years. Mainly I want something that doesn’t shed, does the job well and doesn’t cost a bomb. My first brushes were a pack from Superdrug and then I moved onto the more illusive MAC brushes. I then had a couple of orders with Sigma in the past and now I have jumped onto the Real Techniques band wagon and it is love! Although I have fallen in and out of love with different brushes the above are my edit are my favourite ones and what everyone needs in their beauty collection!

First up – face brushes. In order to create a flawless and even base I use the Real Techniques Buffing Brush. It is lightweight, buffs in both power, mineral and liquid foundation with ease and doesn’t cost a bomb. Next up I used the Real Techniques Domed Shadow Brush to buff in my concealer. Notice I use the word buff a lot! I like to use brushes that really work the product into my skin so it doesn’t look like it is sitting on top. These picks do a brilliant job of that! Next up to complete my base I use the Real Techniques Blush Brush to contour my cheeks with a matte bronzer and then the Real Techniques Multitask Brush to pop on a slight dusting of blusher. I find the Blush Brush is too big for blusher but the slight taper at the top makes it perfect for bronzer and getting into the hollows of your cheeks. The Multitask Brush is a nice big size too to blend the blusher out and make it look more natural. Then last but by no means least is the Kabuki brush you see sitting alone on the left. This was from Superdrug and was about £5 if that! I never pay a lot of money or go for a fancy Kabuki as all I use them for is a dusting of bronzer on my neck to ensure that any foundation lines are fully blended out.

Next up is eyes. I am terrible for eye brushes and own far too many! Back in the day at University I used to really go to town with my eye makeup for nights out and always would run out of clean brushes. These days now I am more toned down with my makeup and have found that these are the essentials I always grab. To pop down the base of my colour all over my lid I use the MAC 239 brush. This is the best brush I have found for packing on the colour and if you are careful with how you load the brush you can use the reverse side to add some depth with a darker colour. Then to blend out the colour (and ensure that there are no harsh lines) I use the Sigma E25 Blending Brush (pictured above) or the MAC 217. I have a lot of variations of these blending brushes and these are the ones I use the most! Then finally to finish off the look I use the Sigma Large Fluff Brush E50 to pop on some underbrow highlight. It’s a big old eye brush but is great at blending and not overloading the colour.

So there you have it! My pick of makeup brushes =) I find that not always investment is best as some of my favourite ones are Real Techniques which are some of the cheapest =)

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