Hiding Those Bags the Scientific Way!


Perricone MD No Concealer Concealer SPF 35 – £37.00*

I have seen this product feature on a few blog posts recently and was interested to find out more about the brand and the product. Perricone MD is founded by Dr Perricone a certified clinical and research dermatologist who has the tag line that ageing skin is a disease and you can fight it. Now personally this is too far fetched for my liking and I don’t agree with this statement and think that ageing is something that happens, you can’t treat it or fight it, but a good skincare routine throughout your life will work wonders. Although I find Dr Perricone’s views a little drastic for my liking, his views on cellular inflammation being the underlying cause of wrinkles does interest me. He has developed an award-winning line of skin care products and cosmeceuticals with all of this in mind. One of these products is the No Concealer Concealer.

This pot contains an anti-ageing concealer with SPF 35, quite the heavy dosage, and is scientifically formulated to provide flawless coverage, camouflage imperfections and dark circles whilst smoothing and brightening. Seems too good to be true! Thanks to all of Dr Perricone’s research and scientific testing this concealer also is full of anti-aging bits that aim to erase the signs of stress and ageing. But enough of the technical stuff – how does it actually fare up to a beauty addict that is forever worrying about the bags under their eyes?!


From the pictures above you can see the three stages; One – a bare and clean face. Two – applying the Perricone MD No Concealer Concealer and Three – after application and blending. As you can see the concealer helps to cancel out the blue dark tones in the bags under my eyes. My slight discolouration is evened out and a warm hue is added to my skin. The dark circles are less noticeable however my skin still looks natural. I am impressed with the concealer and pleased with the overall finish however considering all the science behind it and technical jargon, I am not blown away. Don’t get me wrong it does a great job, however for the price tag and with all the claims of anti-ageing and anti-stress, I get a similar finish as I do with my ByTerry Touch-Expert Advanced Concealer (review here). I do really like the concealer and will carry on using it as it does help to remove the tell tail signs of lack of sleep in the morning! However whether I will be rushing out to get this one I run out…that’s still up for debate!

*pr sample

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