REN Anti-Blemish Starter Kit


REN Clearcalm 3 Anti-Blemish Starter Kit – £15.00*

REN are quickly becoming mine and the beauty world’s favourite skincare brand. Everything I have tried from them I love and now when I am looking for a new bit of skincare their products are the first that I make a beeline for. What’s great about REN is their starter kits, full of mini’s and retailing between £12-£15, you can pick one up for your specific skincare need and try out a number of different products before splashing out on a full sized bottle. The starter kit that I have got is the one for blemish prone skin. Although my skin is mainly combination type with an oily t-zone, it can be rather blemish prone and depending on my stress levels and how well I am looking after my skin, a number of pesky spots can start to appear. I’ve tried the Anti-Blemish Clay Cleanser before (full review here) and loved it and if it wasn’t for other cleansers popping up and working their way into my daily routine I would have purchased another bottle.

Two items in specific I wanted to try was another mask and a REN serum. Masks I can’t get enough of at the moment and am quickly working my way up to having a different one for each night of the week! I love the 10 minute pampering session you get from one and also the added skincare benefits they give. The Clarity Restoring Mask helps to prevent breakouts in the first place. By gently absorbing any excess sebum (a cause of those naughty spots) and exfoliating away at any blocked pores, this mask helps to fight the blemish and keep your skin super clean. When it comes to serums however I never really ‘get them’. I don’t think I’ve used one long enough to see any real skincare benefits so haven’t really appreciated any of them. The REN Replenishing Night Serum is one I’ve been looking forward to trying. It reduces redness over night and also works away to help lessen the appearance of any blemish scaring. I think serums confuses me as they are not really a moisturiser but should be used alongside one, however I usually play it by ear and see how my skin feels on the night as I am conscious of overloading it with too many creams and potions! Will report back on this one!

To finish off the kit is the Total Clarity Day Fluid which is a great lightweight moisturiser that helps to combat shine and oil throughout the day. It keeps your skin looking matte and is antimicrobial and antibacterial to ensure that not bacteria is spread around your face. Whether it’s to try out the range, to delve into the world of REN or even if you just want some minis to take on holiday, these starter kits are brilliant!

*pr sample

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