Dead Dolly for Halloween?


I have a confession to make – I hate Halloween. I’m not a fan of dressing up, being scared, pumpkins or ghost and ghouls. Halloween is not the holiday for me. Every year I dread it, I do my best to avoid the spooky aisles in supermarkets and spend the evening at home making pizzas. This year however I had a problem. Three people at work were leaving and instead of nice, quiet leaving drinks in town they decided to put on the most epic and impressive Halloween party they could. The party I must say was amazing however in the run up to the event I had the standard Halloween dread. What on earth was I going to wear/put together as a costume, and how could I do so without having to spending weeks trailing shops and spending money on something I would only wear once. I was all set on going to the party without a costume but my friend at work badgered me into it and said ‘come on you love makeup surely you love this!’ This got me thinking and the planned formed of coming up with something that just involved makeup and that I could pair with a dress I already owned. Cue dead dolly! After countless hours on Google and watching different tutorials and videos I had my heart set on dead dolly. A quick trip to Superdrug and Primary on the day to get some extra necessities (Primark £1 lashes do an amazing job at sticking on your cheek all night!) and a last minute rush to get some Pritstick (to hide my eyebrows duh :P) I was ready to go!

I didn’t have much of a plan before embarking on this look but knew I wanted to do the big eyes and red doll lips. Getting rid of my eyebrows was the hardest part and took the longest time, but after they were hidden as best I could I then just slapped on the eye shadow! The worrying thing was that all my friends thought the pencil eyebrows were my real eyebrows! I then went through and chiseled my face (aka used far too much bronzer in places I never knew you could!) and then finished off the look with the red lips and stitches. Considering how much I complain and detest Halloween I actually had a really great time putting this look together.

Did you dress up for Halloween this year? What has been your best costume?

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