Origins Help to Give the Oomph Back into Winter


Origins Make A Difference Plus + – £33.99*

The skincare kick continues! There is something about Winter that has me putting down the foundation brush, storing away my bold and bright eyeshadows and reaching towards thick and luscious face masks and moisturisers. My skin goes through enough in Winter with the cold harsh winds and central heating the last thing I want to do is put it through even more stress by slapping on layers of makeup everyday. Instead I want my skin to feel nourished and full of moisturise so to the skincare aisles I go and for of my favourite skincare brands! Origins have recently vamped up their moisture range with this new addition, a rejuvenating moisturiser. Released in an almost mini capsule collection that includes a ultra-rich cream, rejuvenating treatment and said rejuvenating moisturiser (pictured above) Origins have got dry skin for all skin types covered! Not just that, they even have some fancy pants science to back up their claims. After one application of the Make A Difference Plus + Moisturiser, the levels of moisture in the skin surged by 75% and not only that, the skin retained this high moisture level for 24 hours. One application also helped to show improvement in the radiance of the skin and after 4 weeks of continued use a clinical study showed that 100% of women who used this moisturiser showed significant change in the level of moisture in the skin and skin also stayed hydrated for longer.

So does all the science really work? I have been using this for just over a month now and although you are meant to use it AM and PM I have been applying it as and when I need it. If my skin feels dry in the morning I pop a bit of this on and if my skin needs an extra something at night then I layer this over a serum or after using a mask. First thing I have to say is that this pot smell divine! Packed with Lychee and Watermelon Extracts this smells fruity and delicious! Not only that, for something that is so moisturising it doesn’t make your skin appear greasy or shiny. It soaks into the skin quickly and I can apply my makeup straight afterwards. I have noticed a really difference in the overall radiance of my skin and also that I haven’t got those usual pesky dry patches that appear in Winter. Although not the cheapest moistursier on the market this really does the job and is a pleasure to apply.

Have you tried this moisturiser before? What is your Winter skin saviour?

*pr sample

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