Kryolan Get’s a New Lease of Life



Kryolan are a brand that haven’t really been on my radar before, not because they are a brand I haven’t wanted to use or had never heard of but mainly because they were targeted more towards makeup artists and products from the brand were that little bit harder to get hold of. Kryolan still are a professional makeup company however they have recently relaunched, added some new products to their range and published a new website all under the strap line ‘Makeup is a Science’. A bit of history about the company, Kroylan have been supplying products for the theatre, TV, film and fashion industries for the last 65 years. This relaunch and new look cements the companies inception (as being founded by a chemistry student who had a passion for theatre and science) and their ability to create and deliver groundbreaking products for makeup artists kitbags. This new lease of life aims to show people that the brand is still relevant and up to date with the changing paces of the 21st Century. It also reminds customers about it’s history with science and gives a platform for new products to be demonstrated. What’s also great is that these products are now even easier to get hold over via their website. Below are my stand out products from the relaunch!


Eye Shadow Primer – £15.15*

This eyeshadow primer is a new and improved formulation that can be used for cream, powder and pigments. I find it helps to keep my eyeshadow in place for longer, doesn’t crease or feel heavy on my lid and is soft and easy to blend and apply. You get a lot of product in the tube and only a tiny bit is required as it goes a long way.


Faceliner – £13.30*

Initially I had no idea what to do with this or what it was even for! This is marketed as a lip and/or eye pencil that has a new texture to help achieve perfect lines that last. I instead used this as an ultimate contouring tool and was a key part in helping achieve my Halloween look for this year (which you can read all about here). This helped me to define and almost chisel my features and I used it to slim down the sides of my nose, base of my nose and also for intense contouring in the hollows of my cheeks and my temples. This is a really great formula and I find it easy to use and blend which I was worried about initially as sometimes pencils can be really hard and scratch at the skin. Obviously this isn’t a necessary purchase and I wouldn’t be running out the door to spend £13.30 on it, however I can see how useful something like this can be for a makeup artist.


Lipstick LC334 – £8.95*

This is my favourite product from the relaunch. A beautiful and striking neon colour this lipstick stands out for miles. It gives an intense and vibrant colour without completely masking your lips and leaves a soft and subtle shine. I love this colour and although it is a bit bright for an everyday work look it has inspired me to brave the big, bold lip a bit more! What’s also great is that the Kroylan lipsticks come in two containers at two prices. £8.95 for metal and only £6.50 for plastic which is amazing considering the quality of them!

Have you tried anything by Kroylan before? What do you think of the relaunch?

*pr sample

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