Origins Brightening Musts Set


I’m not a girl for sale shopping – something about an abundance of clothes lying messily on the floor with red 50% off labels hanging from them just sounds like a nightmare. People fighting over a skirt and being elbowed through the rails – not my idea of shopping heaven! However, give me online sale shopping and I am there! This is what happened when the Selfridges sale popped up. I was casually browsing through the beauty sale pages reminding myself that no I did not need to buy anything no matter how much of a bargain it looked to be. I was doing great with this mentality until I stumbled across this set. The Origins Brightening Musts Set for £26. This set contains a full size bottle of the Origins VitaZing (which retails for £27 on it’s own already making this set a bargain!), a 50ml bottle of Modern Friction and a 30ml pop of GinZing.

I have always wanted to try out GinZing as I have heard some great things about it in the Bloggersphere. I have also used VitaZing a couple of summers ago and with the weather being so bad at the moment I wanted to get it again as it adds a subtle tint of colour to my face to fake the lack of sun! Modern Friction I haven’t used before but I always make sure I use an exfoliator once a week so am excited to try a new one out!

Unfortunately this set is no longer available from Selfridges however I have spied it over on the Boots website! You can find it here

Have you bought anything from the sales this year? What are your best bargain purchases?

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  • What a great purchase! I got a nice benefit set for £10 but I gave it my sister for her birthday!

  • Origins seems to be an amazing brand, I can’t quite remember if i’ve bought anything from there. Something tells me the line might be similar to Clinique? x

    • I feel likes it’s a bit younger then Clinique – I have been using products from this brand since I was about 15 =) xx

  • I love origins products..they all seem to be so simple and perfect for my sensitive skin. A great purchase…need to get me one ha x

  • The box is so cute! I love the idea of specific sets for specific needs xo

  • These look lovely! Love Origins products! xx

  • Wow! What a deal! Wish i could have snapped it up, really want to try out the ginzing too after hearing so much on other blogs. May need to buy it now…
    Please have a look at my blog, would love to see what you think –


  • Such a great deal! Always wanted to try out VitaZing as well, have GinZing and I love it :) x

    • VitaZing is one of those you love it or hate it products but I’ve always got on with it =) xx

  • I so desperately want to try out all of these products, keep us updated with them all!!

    I got the Benefit Porefessional a bit cheaper as they were offering Duty Free prices in Debenhams! :)