5 Tips for Tanning

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Five top tips to make your fake tan fabulous!
Bronzed skin seems to be the ultimate beauty essential in today’s times. With everyone striving to achieve that perfect healthy glow all year round fake tan products are on the top of people’s ‘beauty must have’s’ list. Fake tan has become increasingly popular over the years as people have become more conscious of the damaging effects of UV rays. There is no doubt that having a tan makes you feel more confident as it can make you look healthier and even slimmer. Done correctly, fake tan can make you look fabulous but a dodgy tan can be disastrous. So here are five all important tips to follow when tanning.
1. Professional is always preferable
If you are new to fake tanning and have a special occasion coming up it may be a good option to go for the spray tan option. The professionals can provide you with that perfect look and have people asking if you’ve been swanning around the Seychelles. The price of a professional tan varies from place to place depending on products and techniques used. Do some research on your local salons and spas and weigh up your decision on how much you want to spend and how good you want to look.
2. Preparation is essential
In order for the tanning product to work to it’s full potential you must prepare your skin. If you do not follow these instructions your tan is likely to be uneven and not last as long as if your skin is prepped to perfection. Remove all dead skin and any tan you already have on your skin (if any) using a sponge or body brush and a good body scrub. Work in circular motions as this is the most effective way of removing dead skin. Concentrate on areas like the back of the arms knees and elbows as these often need more attention. Wash the scrub off with warm water and wash skin normally with a plain soap. If you are waxing or shaving make sure you do this 24 hours prior to the application of fake tan as if you do it any sooner the tan can look patchy. Apply a very light layer of moisturiser to knees and elbows. Just before applying the tan it is a good idea to apply a small amount of Vaseline to your nails and cuticles to avoid spoiling that new mani/pedi-cure.
3. Applying self tan to your face
The trick to a natural looking self tan is to get the face just right. Too much and you can look like you have had a row with your make up artists and too little makes it obvious you are faking. Again the key is preparation; gently cleanse and exfoliate and skip out the moisturising as this can produce that too light look. When applying the tan to the face you should blend a few drops of your chosen product with equal parts moisturiser, mixing in your palms prior to application, this will create a natural tan and ensure your face isn’t too dark. Allow the tan a few hours to develop so don’t go washing it off after an hour as the entire process would have been pointless.
4. Picking the right type of tanner
There are airbrush tans, cream tans, tinted moisturisers, gels, mousses, instant tan and gradual tanners. All so very complex! But what exactly is the difference between them when they all generally do the same thing? Well it’s all in the application really. So it may be a good idea in your early stages of tanning to have a play around and try a few different types to find your preference. Different tans also work for different purposes; if you want a natural look with no fuss gradual moisturiser tanning products are fab but if you want to make your pins look fantastic for a night on the town a shimmering instant tan is your best bet. Have a look at this ‘top ten self tanners‘ article from glamourmagazine.co.uk for more information.
5. Maintaining your golden skin
Once you are tanned and ready to show off your skin the key is keeping your tan looking lovely. The important thing to remember is to avoid exfoliating the face or body as this will lead to shedding the tanned layer of skin. Opt for a gentle cleansing wash with moisturising qualities. Some self tanning brands have aftercare products such as moisturisers and washes that maximise and enhance your tan. Try to avoid having long baths and showers as this can soak off the tan and of course once out of the tub towel pat dry your skin. Never, ever rub!
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