FAB (First Aid Beauty) Ultra Repair Cream Review

FAB is a luxurious skincare line that launch initially in the US in Sephora. Fab (which stands for first aid beauty) is a brand that is known for combating universal skin challenges. All of their products are irritant-free and they can be used safely on the face or body by all people, even those with sensitive skin. I only mildly suffer from eczema on my elbows but when I was younger my skin was a lot worse, at one point I had to use Oilatum in my baths to make the water softer for my skin. Although my skin is a lot better now and is happy being doused in Vaseline Essential Moisture Body Lotion (review here) every day, I always like to have a product on hand that can add some extra moisture and calm down my skin when it flares up.
The Ultra Repair Cream is a thick cream that is already established as a cult beauty product in the US. It is a multitasking cream that (and here comes the technical stuff!) delivers deep dermis hydration and protection. The formula of this cream closely replicates the lipid barrier of the skin. All sounds impressive but does it really do the trick? I have been using this cream recently instead of my usual Vaseline Essential Moisture Body Lotion. Although it is quite a thick cream it still sinks into my skin quickly and I don’t have to sit around in the mornings waiting for this to happen. The smell leaves something to be desired but there is no doubt that this does the job. I haven’t tried this cream on my face as I prefer to use something specifically for hydrating my face (hello Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask!) but it has done a great job of keeping my elbows soft and supple and the rest of my skin hydrated and smooth. I don’t know if I would use this as a daily moisturiser as I think its too thick and my skin isn’t so sensitive that I can’t use a standard moisturiser, but for any problem areas this cream works a dream!The Ultra Repair Cream can be bought from Boots for £20 for the tub or £8 for a tube

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  • The texture looks absolutely dreamy, just like I like it! I don’t think I’ve seen this brand around here (Canada) though!

  • Great review :). I really love multi tasking creams. I may have to try this out. Just found your blog, it’s great.

    If you are interested I have a giveaway on my blog at the moment for the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Hair Mask.

    Best wishes!



  • Ohh I desperately need this one. Can you use this on your face too?

    Moreover, I have a question for you! Maybe you can help me to choose the right hair color and fill in my poll?

    • You can indeed! I haven’t yet as I have other creams especially for my face but this can be =) xx