Boudoir Lashes – Professional Eyelash Extensions

on saturday morning i was lucky enough to get some eyelash extensions done with the lovely asma from Boudoir Lashes. i have wanted to get eyelash extensions for quite a while but wanted to make sure it was done at the right place by someone who was well trained to ensure that my natural lashes were not damaged at all. Boudoir Lashes is based in the BECCA Cosmetics London in south kensington (that has the most delic restaurant just around the corner!)thanks to the district line being part suspended i was rushing to the boutique but asma assured me that she would give me as many lashes as should could with the time left in the appointment. what’s great about Boudoir Lashes is that as asma works independently from any brands she can choose which brand lashes to use for you. this ensures that the ones that best fit your lashes are used. as i already have quite long lashes (and blonde tips which i didn’t know!) asma was able to fit me with fairly long lashes. she matches the lash extensions to your naturally lashes as if this isn’t done your normal lashes can be damaged and the extensions will just fall out.

after i filled in my consultation form it was time to get lashed! in order to prevent your eyes from sticking together asma sticks your bottom lashes down. this feels a little strange at first but you quickly forget about it. the whole process is very relaxing and you don’t even really notice you are getting lashes applied!

these are my lashes before
an hour later i was finished. asma told me that she was only able to give me half a set of lashes due to the time but even half a set have made a massive impact! i am so happy with how they look and have already had quite a few compliments – even from my dad who never notices anything! unlike strip lashes i can’t even feel these lashes on my eyes. they blend in with my natural and you can’t even tell they are extensions. i was advised not to get them wet for 48 hours and then after this time to clean my eyes with a cotton bud to ensure the lashes are not rubbed. since i have got them done i have’t felt the need to wear any eyemakeup at all (which is a shock for me!) and needless to say i love them!

here are my lashes after!
asma offers a number of different services and all costs can be found at the Boudoir Lashes website. what’s even better is that she is offering you a great deal when you quote my blog where you can get 50% off your first lash set which is available from monday-friday and expires in july 2012.

finished look


  • LOVE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wow, what a difference, they look amazing!

  • Wow they look great! :) x

  • I’m not convinced by these, but maybe that’s because I’ve got annoying lashes to begin with! x

  • These look amazing! The only reason I’m not keen to get them done is I know if I did I’d never want to stop getting them and it would cost me a fortune!

  • mel

    These look INCREDIBLE! xx

  • wow they look amazing :)

  • They look amazing. I would love to be able to treat myself to these.
    Great deal too, shame I’m so far north!

  • what package did you get the 30 mins or 60 mins please ?

  • Wow, they look absolutely amazing :)

  • Wow they look so good! They make so much difference!

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  • It looks amazing!

  • Ah your lashes look beautiful, I want lash extensions again!

  • Nice! I would love to try lash extensions, I would prefer them a little more dramatic tho, but thats just me ^_^

  • hi ladies thanks for your comments, the lashes can be dramatic just depends on time. i only had a short space of time to do these but still they are very effective!

  • They look so amazing!!!!


  • The result is good I hope that it will last longer. Take Care.