Batiste Lace

batiste have recently added a new can of dry shampoo to their ever impressive range. next up to join the family is lace – the seductive and elegant new addition that smells divine! this can has vintage style embroidery all over and is a lovely shade of mark the launch batiste held an amazing event at the mayfair house in london. the venue was amazing! it was very ornate and there were batiste cans and ladies dressed in lace left right and centre. the venue had lots of different rooms where you were able to get your makeup, hair and nails done. there was also a photographer and professional studio set up for you to get your photo taken as well. if that wasn’t enough there was also pink champagne following and the most gorgeous batiste cupcakes that had mini edible batiste cans on top.
we got a gorgeous goody bag that contained the new lace can, a cute mini batiste hair brush and also a lace bangle (very apt!) i also got my hair done at the event (as the rain was doing nothing for me that night!) and got some big, beautiful, bouncy curls that i did my very best to recreate last night! after my hair had been styled the stylist popped some batiste lace into my hair. now i love batiste as much as the next dry shampoo addict but i know only too well the grey tinge it can leave to your hair. i was worried the same thing would happen here so was sceptical as to how my hair would look. too my amazement there was nothing. not even a trace! the stylist told me that this new lace can is invisible. i thought this was too good to be true and considering the press release mentioned nothing of the sort i thought he must have been telling a porky. so i put it to the test!
i sprayed some of the batiste tropical onto my hand followed by the new batiste lace
you can see clearly at the top of my hand where the batiste tropical has been sprayed and the white cirlce it has left. what you can’t see however is the lace can leaving the same white ring. below the white circle i sprayed the new lace can onto my hand and not a mark was left. i am very impressed! if this really is a clear dry shampoo i think they should have marketed this more as i have spent £18 before on a dry shampoo just because it is there you have it the new ‘invisible’ batiste lace can! so far it really has lived up to its claims of being invisible which has got me heading to the shop to stock up on more!

batiste lace can be bought from superdrug and boots for £2.99

  • This sounds amazing as I usually hate the white effect it leaves in my hair ! xx

  • Gem

    Those cupcakes are ridiculously cute!

  • Sim

    Ooo i hope they come down to Australia quickly, wouldn’t mind getting my hands on this!
    Great review!

  • I love the scent of it! A bit like palma violets, we decided.

    My favourite thing at the event was getting my hair done. I didn’t get my nails painted because I had made my nails lacey specially for it.

    Was a good evening. Glad you enjoyed it too.

    Love B xxxxx

  • Ooh if this really is invisible then I will definitely be picking some up, I’m tired of having a grey tinge to my dark hair :( haha… the Batiste cupcake is so cute! :)

    Frances xx

  • Oooooh, this sounds like something worth buying! I hate that people can probably tell when I’ve dry shampoo’d my hair, so this would be perfect. xo

  • I’m SO interested to try this, I’m blonde so the whiteness isn’t too bad but whenever I dry shampoo my hair people comment on just how blonde my hair looks that day.

  • aw the packaging is so cute, it’s even better than the leopard one! x

  • ok those cupcakes are adorable! I have really dark brown hair so I hatw the grey-look I get with normal dry shampoos, will need to purchase thanks for the heads up!