Origins Clear Improvement Review

i’ve had this origins mask now for ages and even though i love it it hasn’t got enough love on my blog. well that’s all about to change! clear improvement (£19 from origins) is an active charcoal mask. it helps to clear pores whist providing me with a lot of amusement by scaring people i live with when i use it ;) this mask is best for clogged pores and combination/oily skin and both my skin and i love it.i got this mask first as a sample from origins. i didn’t really understand what it did or what it was for so i left it collecting dust for a while. that all changed one day when my skin was having a bit of a temper tantrum. as this is a charcoal mask it applies very thick to the skin, almost like sticky tar. i leave it on my face for about 10 minutes or until the mask hardens. next is the fun part! the thick consistency of the mask starts to dry out and almost sets on your skin. before i wash the mask off i always think its fun to smile and pull funny faces so the mask all starts to crack. not really the most sensible thing to do but hey puts a smile on my face :P i use a muslin cloth that has been soaked in warm water and then use this to wipe away the mask.

after using this mask my skin is left feeling super clean and i find that any areas of redness or irritation are calmed, especially any pesky spots that have decided to surface for the day. origins recommend that you use this mask once a week or as often as needed. i go for as often as needed and i pop this on when my skin is misbehaving. this mask contains activated charcoal which draws out clogged pores, white china clay to absorb any environmental pollutants and lecithin which dissolves and impurities. everytime i use this mask i notice a big difference and improvement in my skin. it really works to knock my skin back into a good mood and looking happy =)