Diorskin Forever Foundation Review

this was the hardest foundation to get a sample of. every counter i went to i got the ever so rude ‘no. we don’t do samples. i can put it on your face’ followed by the disgusted look that i dare even ask for a sample. luckily for me on a whim trip to house of fraser on oxford street there was an agent girl (someone who works for lots of different brands not just dior) and she was willing to give me the above sample. i was matched up to 010 ivory and was told that im lucky to be pink toned, pale and to never put bronzer on my face (HA!)onto the foundation!


i love the way the foundation applies and how it initially looks on my skin. its great at covering up any redness and leaves my face looking pretty good and glowing. it gives a great natural finish that i dont feel i need to powder over. its quick to apply, blends in great to the skin and doesnt have an overly perfumed scent that could irritate you.

so all great then right? no. give this foundation until lunchtime and then you might as well have not bothered applying it at all. hello patchy face. i tried this foundation with a couple of different primers and without but nothing did the trick of helping it to last throughout the day. i know some people love the foundation and swear by it but sadly my my oily/combination skin does not like it. its a shame because it looks so nice when you first apply it. its definitely one to try out as if it lasts on your skin you could be onto a winner.

this foundation costs £29.50 for 30ml and contains spf 25 and also PA +++ (which sandra explains what this means in here haul video here)

have you tried this foundation before? how does it last on your skin?

  • Yu

    I’m in shock! I have the same skintype as you but it lasts all day for me. Did you try applying it with your fingers? :(

    • i didnt try that actually might have to and see how it works. its such a shame as it looks so lovely after ive applied it xx

  • This is so disappointing, my skin is oily so there isn’t much point me even trying this! xx

  • the foundation looks really nice x

  • This foundation if I have my facts right was voted foundation of the year I think last year by ELLE magazine.
    I had never tried it but based on the fact that it won a prize I have always wanted to. After this review I don’t think i will be going new it since my foundation has to last all day .
    Have you tried Chanel vitalumiere. If not you have to try it. its the most amazing foundation in the whole wide world .


    • was it really? i had no idea! i knew i had heard good things about it which is why i wanted to try it but my skin just did not like it! i haven’t tried vitalumiere yet but i think i might need to!xx

  • It’s a good job you got a sample. I always have a hard time in getting a sample from counters, MAC especially are so rude when it comes to asking for samples!

  • Totally random but i love your lashes! :( It’s really difficult to get foundation samples where I am… that’s what puts me off buying foundations! :(

  • Tha foundation makes you look so flawless and airbrushed! Such a shame it didn’t last all day. Y is finding the perfect foundation so hard? I also really get annoyed at the people on the beauty counters, I’m not going to spend £25+ to get home and it looks awful on, I wouldn’t by an expensive dress without trying it on. x


    • it really is. i wish there was a foundation called ‘the perfect foundation for you’ so you dony have to try 50 to find it :P xx