sally hansen we are not friends

staying on topic at the moment i bought this out in new york as i was looking for a top coat and base coat to use when applying nail varnish to help it last longer and prevent that dreaded two day chipping. i thought this would be perfect as its a 2 in 1. what more could i want!? this advertises itself as the ultimate shield protecting nail colour from chipping, peeling and fading. perfect right?
it even says on the back it is fast drying


as you can mostly likely tell from my lovely sarcastic undertone i did not have much luck. i applied this as a base coat. let it dry (and by dry i mean stare at the wall for like 8 minutes) then applied two coats of my chosen nail polish and then used this as a top coat. after the final coat i waited another 10 mins (something good came on telly) before declaring manicure time over. my nails were looking lovely, shiny and i was safe in the knowledge i had this ultimate shield working away as well. cue to 5 minutes later me screaming at my nails. smudges galore. the polish could even be rubbed away by my fingers. this is also not the first time this happened i persevered thinking i wasnt waiting long enough or that i was apply each layer to thick. no such luck. every time the polish would just rub away or even nicer peal off

so after all my fights and tantrums me and sally hansen are not friends. who knew this little bottle could cause so much trouble
has anyone else used this and had the same problems? what would you recommend for a good top and base coat?

  • Not this product in discussion, but I purchased a nail growth product from Sally Hansen, and I really do not like it! Instead of doing the job, it just accentuates the problem you’re trying to avoid!!

  • Not used any Sally Hansen products, might just stick to Boots own from now own ;) haha

    – Allie x

    Allie UK Blog

  • i have used it and got the same problem complete waste of money

  • @Serenity of Beauty – that is annoying! maybe its just a naff brand then. this is the only thing i’ve tried from them but so far not so good!xx

    @AllieUK – haha good plan!xx

    @Aimee Bradley – glad i’m not the only one just thought i was using it wrong!xx

  • It’s a shame that this didn’t work for you and a few other people :( I’ve heard so many good things about Sally Hansen nail products! I’d be so annoyed about this though!

    Frances x
    Twitter: @Francesss__

  • I was quite impressed with a nail strengthener, not going to try that one in a hurry X

  • ive used another sally hansen product.. it was great for about 2 days, then it started peeling.. not chipping, off!

  • I love the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, it goes gloopy after a while but otherwise i love it!

  • @FrancesCassandra‚ô• – it is a shame i thought it would be perfect but sadly it wasn’t =( xx

    @Char – haha no i don’t blame you!xx

    @Victoria – no way! thats terrible!xx

    @AngieBeautyBelle – will have to give that a try =) xx

  • Oh no! its so frustrating when that happens! I have literally just, as in ten mins ago, posted about sally hensen anti-chip top coat which dries in less than a minute and i love it! Got a glowing review from me!
    I have two products from sally hensen and i think they’re great but they obviously don’t carry the same quality in the range. tut!

  • i havent ever tried this xx

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  • @Evelyn. – isn’t it just! maybe i will have more luck with that =) xx

    @RavingBeautyx – wouldn’t recommend it!xx