look beauty just in time for christmas!

as im sure you’ve all seen look magazine have recently launched a cosmetic line called look beauty. first the bloggers got their hands on some, then the stores and then online! my local superdrug near work has their look stand at the back away from the majority of the cosmetic stands so if you have trouble finding it it might be there hiding somewhere =) i initially went for one thing but typical me i can never leave with just one item :P

the first thing i wanted was the double hit lip in citrus kick. this is a lipstick and lipgloss duo and the lipgloss has the strongest orange smell going! its a bit overpowering but it soon wears off
this is the lipstick swatched, then then lipgloss then the lipgloss over the lipstick
i wanted to get this after seeing it on the sunday girl’s blog. it looked very similar to mac’s ever hip and mine is almost melted to pieces so was excited to see a possible cheaper dupe

mac ever hip on the bottom look citrus kick on the top
as you can see the colour is pretty similar its just ever hip is more intense and the look citrus kick has less colour pay off and has a more glossy finish

whilst browsing the stand this little beauty also caught my eye
could this have a more perfect name then dorothy?! i literally couldn’t keep my eyes off it and knew i wanted it for christmas day. i haven’t used this yet or citrus kick as i’m saving them for christmas but am so excited to use them =) off the top of my head i think the double hit lip was around £7 and the nail varnish was around £4 which wasn’t too bad! can’t wait to try them out!

i just wanted to say also a big massive thank you and merry christmas to everyone! i’m going up to manchester for a few nights next week to see family so i don’t think i will have much if any time to blog before the new year so have an AMAZING christmas, boxing day, news year eve the works!!

big love and hugs xoxo

  • What a perfect name for a red nail polish! So pretty! :)

    Hope you have a very merry christmas too! :)

  • Hope you have a very lovely christmas and new years too :) xx

  • Ohhh I love these new Look nail polishes, I just reviewed one in ‘Kimono’! Have a happy christmas! xxx


  • I wish I picked up Dorothy now – I bought the pink glittery one instead :( I also bought Toffee Cup lipstick (love!) and one of their blushes which I’m really liking too.
    We’re spoilt for choice with all these new make-up brands :) xx

  • Perfect Christmas nails. Have a fan Christmas honey!


  • @Bethany – isn’t it just =) xx

    @ButterflyBoo – thanks so much sweets xx

    @Emily – oo will have a look xx

    @Sarah – i saw the pink one but thought it was too similar to pink fizz by models own so went for this one. i now can not go into superdrug without buying some type of cosmetic :p xx

    @jennifer june – you too lovely!xx

  • Gorgeoussss <3 love to see a NOTD with that polish :)


  • Love the nail polish color so pretty! Now following! xoxo


  • @AngieBeautyBelle – will do one soon =) xx

    @AmyBeth – thanks!xx