vaseline limited edition creme brulee

in these winter months my lips pretty much give up the ghost. they are chapped. lipstick flakes off and they are dry. i’ve tried vaseline coco butter in stick form, carmex in a tube and also lush bubblegum lip scrub. all of these work for about 5 minutes and then they either rub off or my lips are dry again. so i was very excited to try out this new creme brulee flavour from vaseline exclusive to selfridges. it is helping to put my chapped lips at bay! not only is this a gorgeous new flavour it is really moisturising on the lips and doesn’t seem to instantly disappearwhen you open the lid and have a good old whiff you can smell the creme brulee but it isn’t too overpowering. some people may see this as a good thing some as a bad. im glad that the smell isn’t too over the top as if it was i would be less inclined to put it on my lips. it doesnt have an intense flavour either so there is no wanting to lick it straight off the lips

this is a great new edition to the vaseline range. head over to selfridges now or their website to pick this up for £2.99

*pr sample