liz earle scrub up good

i love me a good old scrub up i do! ever since my epic tanning disaster body scrubs and exfoliators have become my new best friend. they are great at removing that dreaded tan, getting rid of an dead skin cells lurking around and they leave you with lovely soft and scrummy smelling skin

this energising body scrub by liz earle has quickly become my favourite. it contains ground olive stones to gently but effectively buff away those pesky dead skin cells leaving your skin smoother and softer. i find as well in the winter i get really dry patches on my skin and these helps to remove them. as per liz earle it has a number of naturally active ingredients including damask rose water (which makes the stuff smell damn good!) and a number of essential oils to look after and treat the skin

the energising body scrub can be purchased for £13 for 200ml or if your travelling £5 for 50ml from the liz earle website

liz earle have also recently launched liz earle tv

its a great new service they are offering where everything from simple guides to the product ranges are explained to you by knowledgeable and friendly experts. there are videos showing where the botanical ingredients use in the products are grown and also you will be able to see some sneaky backstage videos showing you more about this great brand. even better it is accessible 24 hours a day! so if you haven’t tried liz earle before or not sure what to buy next head over to liz earle tv to see more =)
*pr sample