The Foundation Challenge: Part Four

foundation testing part 4

Round 4 of the Foundation Testing Series is now live! With Summer on our doorsteps and a crazy heatwave gracing the London streets this past week, today’s batch of foundations includes those lighter CC/BB/Tinted Balm bases to see if any will become my go to picks in these warmer months. Catchup on part one, two and three and read on to see which bases don’t cut it anymore.

Burberry Fresh Glow BB Cream in Fair No 1

When this BB Cream first launched there was a flurry of excitement from the beauty world to have a base from Burberry that promised to deliver on that youthful radiant glow. Picking up the most fair shade, I was surprised to see a product that came out quite dark however found this didn’t translate once applied. Yes you get a healthy glow however there is minimal coverage that leaves your skin dewy to the point of verging on shiny #NotIdeal. Aside from the dewy finish to my complexion, there isn’t much else going on. For a weekend ‘no makeup’ look this base could be a winner but for the price tag of £30 I don’t think it’s worth it.

Verdict: give to a friend

YSL Teint Touche Eclat Foundation in B30*

I’ve had a love/hate relationship when it comes to this infamous YSL foundation. From the old formula to the new, I’ve never quite fallen head over heels like the majority of the beauty world for this ‘8 hours of beauty sleep in a foundation’. Formula wise, it’s a hit. I love the lightweight consistency that leaves my complexion looking healthy, radiant and youthful perfect! The issue comes to the shade match, call it a case of the ‘IT Cosmetics CC Cream’ problem again. I’ve never managed to find my perfect match, it’s all been too warm or too cool resulting in me shunning this foundation to the back of the cupboard. B30 sits too warm and I’ve tried B20 which matches my skin tone but doesn’t give that healthy glow I desire. Move in BR30 and it’s love! I finally get the hype and find the fuller coverage from the newer formula makes this a perfect lightweight base with coverage that lasts all day.

Verdict: keep BR30 and bring it into my daily foundation picks!

Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster Tinted Moisturiser SPF 20 in Shade 2*

And the award for one of the most expensive BB creams goes to Trish! Back when I was first gifted this tinted moisturiser at a brand event, I wrote up a blog post declaring my love for this illuminating base that left my skin glowing in all the right places. Fast forward to now and it’s a different story. Although in this beauty booster you get SPF, antioxidants & hyaluronic acid, I find the formula to sit on the heavy side making application more work then it should be. Applying it with my fingers works best and you do get a great boost of radiance but nothing that makes me go ‘wow’. I have other tinted bases that I adore much more so will be passing this one onto a friend.

Verdict: pass this on to a friend

Chanel CC Cream SPF 50 in 20 Beige

I adore Chanel foundations and I had high hopes for this CC Cream when it first launched. Applied with hands (which is honestly the best way with this base) it gives good coverage with a little amount of product going a long way. Any redness in my complexion was covered, it does tend to settle a bit on my nose however ensuring my skin is well hydrating before application quickly solve this issue. Compared to something like the Dior BB Cream, this is less dewy,  however on those days when my skin is feeling more oily than usual I can reach for this base knowing it won’t slip or slide away throughout the day.

Verdict: keep as a Summer base

*pr sample

  • Bernadette

    Light coverage foundations are very enjoyable in warmer weather. That last thing you want when already battling the heat is a heavy feeling base. Now that it’s winter here in Australia I can pull off medium to full coverage foundations without them feeling uncomfortable but during summer I definitely kept it light. These foundations sound wonderful! I definitely need to check them out.

    • Can’t bare to wear anything more heavy in the summer months, that too and it will just melt off in the heat!xx

  • I love the effect of the YSL foundation. It’s so gorgeously glowy and perfecting and it softly blurs any imperfections without looking at all obvious or heavy, even in the harsh sunlight! Definitely a summer favourite for me, along with the Dior BB Creme and Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua! :)

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


    • I love that I’ve finally found the right shade and can see how great this foundation really is! I agree it’s ability to blur imperfections and give that soft focus glow is fab!xx

  • Carolina Pereira

    I have a Chanel foundation that works amazing for oily skin! Is the Perfection Lumiere Velvet :)

  • Kylie Sarah

    This is really some awesome advice. Keep it up, Thank you!

  • Neetu Lohiya

    This was no doubt awesome, I have some options where you need not use this much time to get ready for your next party. What do you say??

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