A Lipstick Haul

new lipsticks
new lipsticks

If you follow me over on Instagram/Twitter or Snapchat you may have spied that a couple of weeks ago I was out in LA for work. The town was starting to heat up and clouds were breaking to let to gorgeous Californian sun shine through. Naturally that awakened my inner need to shop and shop hard! When at home I find myself pulled towards the new section of interior design websites but as soon as my feet land on US soil my heart will beat for one thing and one thing only, Sephora!

Naturally I didn’t need anything however when you’ve got free reign to swatch until your hearts content you find yourself adding items to your basket in a subconscious blissful state. Even though my suitcase came packed with an abundance of lipsticks, lip liners and liquids, I still managed to add four newbies to my collection #Whoops

Firstly it was the Marc Jacobs Le Marc Liquid Lip Creme. Yes, I’m still a liquid lipstick fanatic and when I saw these sleek, hydrating liquid lipsticks I couldn’t be stopped. Drawn in by the shade 458 Slow Burn this is one of those classic plum rose shades that I simply adore. The formula is long lasting, doesn’t dry down on the lips however does have an impressive staying power.

Next was the Hourglass Girl Lip Stylo. I told myself repeatedly to stay away but the promise of a silky & weightless formula paired with the intensity of a lipstick became too irresistible. Futurist caught my attention, a nude with warm undertones and a hint of gloss, I thought this would be a nice alternative to the everyday nudes I reach for. Kat Von D threw a spanner in the works by releasing more shades to her already impressive lineup of Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks. One of those being Ludwig which is is described as a tawny rose. Compared to swatches online this comes up a lot darker on my lips, however it packs that same fantastic formula we know and love from this fab range.

Finally it was the Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet that I tried to snap this up at the airport but alas the range hadn’t quite hit the shelves. Luckily, the Santa Monica Sephora came through and I fell for Light Nude No. 01. This is dry, and light. You might be wondering why I’ve rekindled my 90s concealer lips phase but something about this shade is beautiful. Yes the formula is dry, you can see it in the swatch, however you get an opaque dose of colour that throws back to that concealer lip trend. For an everyday nude or to pop in the centre of a pinky lip, I adore the shade (and packaging) and already want to pick up more.

Before I sign off I should probably mention the elephant in the room ‘Hey Siobhan, how come the last time you posted was almost a month and a half ago?!’ Good question my dear friends! In honesty, it is quite incredible how quickly you can fall out of a routine. Back in the day blogging was pretty much all I thought about & did outside work. Weekends were tailored around taking pictures & writing up content however times have changed, and I quite like it. Although it means I’m not sharing a new post on the daily, moving away from those constraints I set myself is refreshing. It’s stuff that has all been said before so I’m not going to bore you with it again, but I’m still breathing and still buying makeup ;)