Packing Tips


Holidays are fab aren’t they? Cocktails by the pool, long warm evenings, exotic food ready for your indulgence, a blissful and serene picture but to get out there, you need to pack. For some this task doesn’t seem that daunting however for someone like me, a creature of habit and home comforts, it gets a tad more tricky.

I’ve always been a panic packer, adding anything & everything for all ‘just in case’ possibilities. This causes overweight suitcases, broken backs and unnecessary stress. Luckily, over the years I’ve become a more savvy packer due to sheer necessity and impatience at myself. What has aided this revolutionary change in approach? A handful of packing tips including an epic list that I’m not gonna lie, makes me a little proud! I’m talking multiple pages, tick boxes, colours! It really is a thing of beauty!

Hopefully my tips and tricks alongside my ultimate packing list will aid you in your next adventure, I know it’s already helping me with mine!


Download (PDF, 42KB)