Dry Skin Saviours

dry skin saviours

In the past week my skin has gotten dry. I’m talking foundation that won’t sit right, lines appearing more prominent, I’m not sure what has caused this sudden shift but there is definitely an increase in sensitivity around specific dry areas on my face. To combat the sahara desert going on I’ve been reaching for my tried and tested dry skin saviours. As soon as I start slathering on the hydration I see an instant improvement and am finally able to work with my foundations again. Whether it be a spray, mask or oil, these products knock my skin back into shape and bring back the glow.

When looking for an instant refresh either during my skincare routine or throughout the day, I reach for the Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Mist which yes, I’m still loving! It gives that boost of moisture without disturbing makeup making it the perfect mid-day refresher. If I find my skin to still be looking dry I reach for the GlamGlow Thirsty Mud Hydrating Treatment instead of my usual night oil. Described as an extreme hydration treatment, it restores and replenishes dry skin so I awake with a plumped up complexion ready for the day ahead.

If you would rather opt for a mask my fave is the Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask. Not only is this super refreshing, it also cools and calms irritated skin. I always make sure I’ve got a mini pot of this to take away on my travels as it helps combat dry skin post flight alongside any tight or dry skin you might get from being out in the sun. A little trick I like to use when using a fuller coverage foundation with dry skin is to mix in an oil. Just two drops of the Caudalie Premier Cru Elixir and not only do I have a formula that works better with my skin, it also acts like a primer giving my skin the hydration it needs to keep my makeup in place all day.

Finally, we can’t forget about eye cream! The first area to get dry is the sensitive skin around my eyes. The only eye cream I’ve found to pack enough of a punch to help is the Clinique All About Eyes Rich. Whether it’s to combat dry skin or simply to care for my eyes after a night of full of makeup, this rich cream instantly calms the areas and provides the hydration it’s been craving.

What are your go to dry skin saviours?

  • i recently picked up the peter thomas roth mask and i have loved it! my skin started getting super irritated a few days ago and I used this and it calmed everything down so well, it feels so lovely and fresh on the skin too!

  • Caroline Malone

    I suffer from such dry skin as well and I find eye cream one of the hardest to find too – a lot of them can irritate my skin and leave my eyes puffy! I will have to give a look at the Clinique All About Eyes cream! one moisturiser I would have to recommend which is my serious holy grail, is First Aid Beauty – Ultra Repair cream. It’s a serious god send, it works for sensitive skin as well and really does work! xx


  • Great tips with Great Solution..should try at least once also suggest some of our clients who are facing these issues…Thanks again

  • Karii Zenteno

    During winter i used to have such bad dry skin (the type that becomes a bit red and hurts) and nothing would help, then I started using Kiehls skin rescuer, and all my prayers were answered,better yet if you happen to have the midnight recovery.

    I dont have a particulary sensitive eye area but most eye creams leave my eyes puffy so im no into eye creams, i just use my regular serum. (The clinic moisture surge for eyes was the worst one). x

    • Anything that plumps up my skin and gives it the moisture it craves is a winner in my books!xx

  • britney spears

    try this predireparis product!!! it totally cured my dry skin problem and it’s on sale finally omg https://beautycertain.com/product/bc-sale-vitamin-c-e-facial-mask/