Making Full Glam Look Natural

making full glam natural

It’s no secret that I’m a lover of the minimal makeup look. Opting for a five product face on the weekend and a BB/CC glow enhancing base during the week, I’m not often one to layer on the slap. That is until I got hooked on the big glam getting YouTube tutorials. You see there is something mesmerising about their flawless routines. No pores, blemishes or pigmentation is in sight – just beautiful looking makeup. Needless to say the full glam look has got my attention but in a way that doesn’t leave me caked in makeup.

There is a fine line between flawless makeup and looking like you’ve spent all afternoon applying every single product on your face. I still want my skin to look just like skin, however with that slightly more airbrushed finish! These tools and techniques help me to layer up the coverage without compromise on finish. It doesn’t require a lot, however these handful of products helps to even encourage the most natural makeuped gal to embrace their more full coverage alter ego.

Firstly it’s all about hydration. I’m talking from your primer, your moisturiser and your setting spray. I find some of the most tell tale signs of heavy makeup comes from those areas where it melts and disappears. By priming with my hydration best friend aka the Marc Jacobs Under(cover) Perfecting Coconut Primer I can ensure that the first layer kickstarts those moisture levels. I’ve also been mentioning the Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist* a lot this week as it really is that good. Not only does it set your makeup, you also get boosted hydration levels.

Now when it comes to application there really is nothing better than the Beauty Blender. It’s magical ability to buff in product without leaving thick layers behind is a thing of pure beauty. The final key is the setting powder. I’ve shared my love for the Laura Mercier Invisible Loose Setting Powder in Universal before as it gives the balance of removing shine without leaving your complexion too matte or dry. It also leaves the skin super soft when you dare to bake ;)

Now someone set aside an afternoon in my diary so I can apply all the makeup and rock some seriously full glam makeup!

*pr sample