May Favourites


I still might be struggling with my post travel haze seriously what day is it and how did I survive a day at work yesterday?! but that doesn’t mean I’m going to neglect my monthly favourites! I’ve got a mixed bag for you featuring some skincare, bodycare and makeup that has quite literally the cutest packaging I’ve seen in a long time. Not only that – there is another liquid lipstick love in my life! I know, I’m going quite the addiction going on…

If I look a tad confused throughout the video, blame the jet lag, but if you can spot my holiday glow then 10 points to you! Hope you guys enjoy the video and don’t forget to subscribe to see next week’s bumper packed video featuring my US haul of goodies.

  • I love the Sun-kissed Urban Decay Beached-Bronzer as well, I can’t stop wearing it at the moment and I have to say you perfectly well describe it, it’s so easy to use, pretty yet invisible!

  • OMG yes, half the year has gone already, shiiiiiiz O_O Kudos to you for filming this despite the jetlag. Good to hear you found such a nice eye cream, I really need to check this one out.