A Love of all Things Mini

beauty minis

I freaking love minis. I love their cute little size, I love their price point and I love the fact they are SO TINY AND FREAKING CUTE! Did I already mention that?? The US have always brought it with their wide selection of minis (seriously UK you need to step it up and get on board) however this year they have surpassed themselves. Not only does the infamous Sephora aisle of doom offering you skincare & perfume delights, there are now a whole host of new minis that also happen to be some of my favourite makeup products. That’s right I’m talking a mini Urban Decay Naked Weightless Concealer, mini Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara and even a mini Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder. Not only that, Sephora houses all these items in a handy travel section online. Someone hold me back!

Whilst away all sense of reasoning flew out the window & I simply could not be stopped. The need aka want was too strong but now on the plus side I’ve got a whole new host of minis! My mild shred of reasoning came down to the fact I will be back on a plane come August so having my makeup collection in miniature size was surly going to be a good thing. Also, I don’t know about you but the rate I use up products is slower than a snail going backwards, at least with these I know I’m going to get to the bottom.

Alongside my fave makeup items I also nabbed my top hydration masks in their smaller sizes. I’ve been overdue a new Origins Drink Up Intensive but wanted a travel friendly option. Luckily Sephora came to my rescue & I snapped one up before I even had the chance to blink. You can also get pint-sized pots of all the classic GlamGlow Masks. To go full sized is a pricey investment so I’m much happier grabbing a size I know I’ll use and I know I can travel with. Their ThirsyMud Hydrating Treatment is brilliant stuff & although a full-sized purchase will happen one day, I’m gonna stick to the minis for now.

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