Pre-Holiday Prep

pre holiday prep

Post-Christmas and the cold winter season, the thought of baring your limbs and strutting your stuff in a pair of shorts can be quite daunting. Not only that, bikini season (vom). Everything might be feeling rounder, those pasty white legs may have developed a whole new level of pale on the spectrum and the thought of a scrappy top may leave you with fear induced goosebumps. If I haven’t egged the point enough by now I’m off on my travels and hot footing my way across the ocean to hit up California (aka my one true love). This means packing, agonising over a summer wardrobe and staring in shame at all those missed gym sessions.

This year, to prevent any stress of last minute panic, I’ve taken the smart route and booked a day off ahead of the flight. That means instead of rushing the process I’ve actually got a whole day to get my shiz together. Not only that, I’ve got a day to prep! I’m talking exfoliation, tanning, nails, eyebrows the works. When I’m off on holiday I like to primp and preen ahead of said flight to ensure I’m feeling my best. No one feels 100% following a 10 hour flight so the smallest things like a fresh manicure or tan can make the world of difference.

For my prep session today I’m starting off with exfoliation. Initially grabbing the Borika Coffee & Coconut Body Scrub*, here you have a stimulating and energising scrub that not only buffs away those dry and dead skin cells, it also encourages your skin to rejuvenate whilst targeting those pesky stretch marks. After a scrub down I’ll be going in with my Magnitone* which is my new favourite gadget. Personally exfoliation can be a bit of a faff so I love the ability to buff my skin electronically. The Magnitone* ensures my skin is left silky smooth and it also encourages it to firm up, a must when those teeny tiny shorts are staring back at your with their intimidating length.

This year I’m going bold and opting for a pre-holiday tan. Working in an office means my outside time is limited so instead of a healthy colour I’m rocking some seriously pale limbs. I find going in with a tan helps to take the edge off whilst giving you that bit of confidence to rock those skimpier items. I am slightly worried about smelling of biscuits on the entire flight but it’s worth it – right?! My tan of choice is everybody’s new favourite – the Bondi Sands Self Tan Oil Liquid Gold. Now this says you don’t need to shower following application so I might go in with a thin layer to be on the safe side!

Not forgetting my face it’s all about getting my skin hydrated. The Antipodes Arua Manuka Honey Mask* does just that and I can’t get enough. Finally it’s manicure time. For the past few years I’ve always gotten a shellac manicure and pedicure ahead of my trip. The last thing I want to worry about is chipping nail varnish so I find a professional finish just gives me one less thing to stress over. With sandals being the shoe of choice I’ll know my tootsies will have been cared for and won’t cause anyone to have a heart attack in the middle of the street.

What are you favourite things to prep before heading away? Do you have a pre-holiday prep ritual?

*pr sample