Oops I NYX’ed Again…


So I found an NYX counter in Boots. I really wasn’t to blame in this situation, it was completely circumstantial and not like I actually looked to see whether they may have added a stand in… I just wanted to look that was all, sneak a peak at what might be available. The fact that two products ended up in my hands, past the checkout and home with me is again, completely circumstantial ;) What can I say, this is just what happens when a coveted US beauty brand jumps ship and heads over to our side of the world. We get a little over excited!

But it’s okay people as I am loving what I picked up. The new additions that made their way into my collections were the Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm and also the Liquid Suede in Sandstorm. Now I’ve gotta say the stands were pretty sparse. The majority of the Kylie Jenner style nudes had already been snapped up so the choice was limited, not that that was going to stop me. Stockholm was the first victim, thanks to Anna’s recent haul which you can read all about here. I was intrigued by the more peach take on a matte lippy and although the shade has a hint of orange running through it that I’m not 100% sold on, I can still see this being a fab everyday pick.

Next was the Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick. Here is where the stand saw some serious damage. I’m talking a handful of shades left, testers thrown around and I can tell why. If you are looking for a budget #KylieLipKit dupe, look no further oh yes I went there. Offering up vibrant colour you get a matte finish that is also waterproof. All that and still only £6.50. Not surprisingly all the nudes had gone so seeing Sandstorm hidden at the back I grabbed it without a seconds hesitation. On my paler skin tone it comes up quite dark, more chocolate brown but I’m not complaining. With my love of Lolita still running strong I’m happy to have another brown nude in my collection especially one that doesn’t break the bank.

Also. Soz about the arm swatches. My face was in no fit state when I was taking these pictures.