Colour Care Whilst in the Sun

hair protection in the sun

As much as I try and avoid the beating sun, keeping my hair away from those rays is just something that can’t be helped. Whether you’re splashing around by the pool, sitting out by the beach or simply walking around a shopping mall, your hair is exposed to UV rays. Usually such a thought would never cross my mind, but after being blonde for a number of years I know I need to care for my locks to prevent them getting more damaged or turning a shade of blonde that is less desirable cough green!

To kickstart the hair defence I’ve been applying the Davines SU Hair Milk. A leave in conditioner this protects & shields from the harmful suns rays. I’ve been applying this before heading to the pool and each time I get out of the water to not only keep that protection going, it also keeps my hair feeling super soft. When in the shower I’ve been reaching for my mini decanted O&M Conquer Blonde Silver Shampoo. Used every other wash this counteracts any brassy tones without leaving your hair feeling like straw.

For an extra level of care I go in with the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque. You know how much I love and rave about this stuff as it really is the only conditioner that restores my locks to a soft and silky state. Finally when I’m out the shower and I’ve roughly towel dried my hair I’ve also been spritzing in the Davines OI All in One Milk. Not only does this prevent things from getting tangled, it gives my hair a boost of strength to combat any damage or fizz.