Where to Shop for Homeware

where to shop for homewear

Whether you are decorating a new home, want to spruce up your University digs or feel like shaking things up in your bedroom in your family home oer – decor can be a minefield. I’m talking multiple shops, brands, price points. What’s value for money? Where should you invest your preciously saved pennies? When it comes to beauty I’m confident in what I want to buy however homeware has opened a whole new kettle of fish. With my first home on the horizon the doorway (get it) to home decor has well and truly been opened. Firstly, I was excited, thrilled even to have all these new shops & places to trawl through but after mere minutes I felt overwhelmed. Who said having too much choice was a good thing?! For any of you in the same boat as me I thought I’d talk through a few of my current homeware faves to help with a spot of inspiration.

West Elm – lets get the obvious over and done with. We all know this is the Mecca when it comes to homeware thanks to their fab range of products from throws all the way through to decadent lighting. Price points here vary, their throws for example are a bargain however their furniture pieces can hit the big bucks. I recommend bookmarking your fave pieces and keeping and eye out for when their sales hit.

H&M/Asda – for a bargain these two stores have some real homeware gems. I’m talking soft furnishings, cushions, smaller decor pieces and seasonal appropriate goods. H&M nails that Scandi vibe however Asda bring the cheep, cheerful & super accessible.

John Lewis (but really Amazon) – for me John Lewis is a classic. It stocks everything, including the kitchen sink, and they even offer home interior help for when you’ve moved into a new space. Naturally – prices aren’t the most budget friendly and a few items can easily rack up a sizeable number. What I recommend here, especially for their kitchen items, is to head on over to trusty Amazon where you will find many a dupe with a much more cost effective price.

Heals – this place is like a wish list of homeware items. The most expensive of the bunch the majority of things fall outside my price range however it is amazing for inspiration. What I like to do is pop in store, have a look at the pieces I like whilst dreaming over their LSA collection obvs and then find alternatives on the web. Again sales are when to hit this store to snap up your favourites at a discounted price.

Oliver Bonas – for on trend pieces head straight to your local Oliver Bonas. They were first on it with copper, trimmed on their glasses & kitchen pieces alongside a lust worthy collection of pineapple shaped goods. Perfect when looking for a gift for a friend or even if you want to pickup a sneaky treat for yourself!

Homebase/B&Q – now bare with me on this one. I’m not suggestion you spend your bank holiday weekend in DIY hell, instead I’m saying to you succulents. That’s right both Homebase & B&Q have a surpassingly great selection of cacti and succulents. Most of those ones you would have spied appearing in my blog pictures come from one of these stores. Not only are they pretty inexpensive, they come in some cute pots too! Just like the one sitting pride of place in todays photo ;)