Elemis Skincare

elemis skincare

Whenever a new skincare line is released I’ve gotta admit that the cynic in me comes out in full force. Everything becomes something for me to judge, does the packaging look professional, do I like the name, is it from a brand I trust? When you’ve got a good skincare routine in place it’s understandable that you don’t want to rock the boat, however it’s worth it when you come across something better fingers crossed! Recently Elemis have launched their BIOTEC Skin Energising lineup. Here you get a Cleanser*, Day Cream* and Night Cream* all part of the range promising to increase cell energy for optimum skin function – say whaaat!

Pushing all that scientific chat to the side, let’s get down to the nitty gritty starting with that fun looking cleanser. Coming in at £39.50  you get a whopping 200ml of product that turbo charges your skin. The range contains zinc, copper, amber & a trio of acids to kickstart your skin & battle away the dullness to leave it looking restored and radiant. Now although the cleanser felt lovely on my skin, after it was washed away I noticed a subtle tight sensation causing me to over-apply my moisturiser. You get a slight lather that emulsifies whilst rubbing away your makeup however with my skin needing more hydration I’ve donated this guy to a friend at work.

It may not seem like we are off to a good start but let’s delve into the Skin Energising Day Cream & Night Cream. Firstly the price point takes a pretty hefty leap, you’re looking at £75 for the Day Cream and £85 for the Night Cream. Both come in the same style packaging with the product split in half directly down the middle of the tube. Green side is a gel, sorry the energiser! And the white side is your more traditional cream style moisturiser. Two pumps delivers the right amount of each side which I mix together & apply with my hands.

Considering I struggled with the cleanser in terms of hydration, you get a bundle full of plumping and uplifting moisturise from both the Day Cream & the Night Cream. Both feel lightweight to apply, sink in without leaving a residue behind & help to keep complexions looking smooth and revitalised. My only complaint is that I wish they were a bit cheaper! Luckily Elemis have a BIOTEC Discover Collection where you can get a mini of the entire range for only £35. A fab way to try everything out without having to commit to the price tag of a full sized product.

Have you tried out anything from the Elemis BIOTEC range? Does anything catch your eye?

*pr sample