Delving Deeper with Davines

davines haircare

It was a rainy, Friday afternoon and I found myself dangerously close to Libertys whilst trying to ‘clear my head’ during my lunch break on a training course. Ultimately, this decision came merely to protect myself from the rain, however moments later there I was surrounded by the beauty halls of Libertys. I was just popping by – I told myself. Nothing to see or buy here carry on walking lady. And then, thats when it happened. I found the Davines section.

The problem was the wall of minis my eyes instantly darted towards. Rows upon rows of cutely packaged & pastel coloured miniature products that resulted in me knowing a purchase was about to happen. At this point nobody was safe! Luckily for my desire to shop there was a super friendly sales assistant who managed to keep me interested and engaged whilst talking about hair.

I learnt lots: how I should only be washing my scalp, aka focusing the shampoo onto the top of my head to clean the section that gets greasy the most. Then for conditioner forgo my newly cleansed scalp and instead only place the product onto the tips & lengths of my locks. Although this may sound pretty standard to most, this was revolutionary speak for someone who struggles with greasy roots and dried out ends. Needless to say ever since that day I’ve religiously adopted this new approach and already I’m seeing a difference.

But enough about that – lets talk about those new products I managed to pickup! First the Minu Shampoo seriously how cute that is targeted for those with coloured hair that needs protection. Although I’m happy with my current OI duo, I couldn’t resist trying out something new. Besides it’s all in the spirt of research & testing what would be best to take away on holiday ;) Speaking of holiday I also snapped up the SU Hair Milk for my upcoming trip as it shields hair from UV rays whilst conditioning locks that are dried out from the sun & pool. Might sound like a princess product but the sales assistant said she put sun cream in her hair so I thought I would pick up this instead!

As you can see, I’m Davines hooked. I may also have a cult product from the brand on order to me that Libertys unfortunately was sold out of. Any guesses for what it is?!