West Elm Newness

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west elm
west elm

With eight weeks until potential flat completion date (I say potential as this is me with my fingers and toes crossed that the date doesn’t change again) I’ve gone a tad shop happy. You see, with the looming reality of me needing to furnish my own space (BTW let me know if you would like a little flat savings post!) my current account is sitting pretty close to that empty line as instead, every last penny I can find is going into my flat savings account. On one hand this means I’m not frivolously able to skip around Space NK with a magic wand choosing each item I would like to add to my basket, but instead it means a have a small bundle ready & waiting to furnish my flat.

…but could I wait until my flat was ready?! Could I heck! I promised myself to only buy the essentials before the big move happened but my desire to shop got the better of me and I may have indulged in a few decorative pieces, starting with these from West Elm. If you haven’t heard about this Brooklyn born design house you’ve been missing out! Born in 2002, West Elm have hit the household market hard with their glorious range of rugs, mirrors, lights, throws, tables, you name it, they sell it. After a snoop around their store the other week to see all the latest Spring additions I couldn’t leave empty handed.

If you are a fan of snuggling on the sofa, chillaxing with some Netflix, you need a throw. Oliver Bonas have a popular range, alongside the White Company however if you want something super soft and more affordable try the Arrow Jacquard Warmest Throw from West Elm. I opted for the gorgeous & fresh peacock shade that I can’t wait to drape across my new sofa. Not content with leaving the store with a single item I snuck this cute Brass Word Object in Cheers into my basket. A tad frivolous I know but I figured it would make a nice addition to the kitchen to highlight the fact my flat will be more of a drinks party location than dinner party ;)

Have you succumbed to the beauty of West Elm yet? Also just want to do a quick shout out to all the Mum’s today! Hope you have a wonderful day whether this is your first mothers day or 50th!