The Wear Your Makeup Challenge


Hands up – who else can admit to owning too many beauty products? Whether you are a self confessed beauty addict, run a blog in your spare time or work in the beauty industry, it’s easy to find yourself surrounded with buckets off the stuff. But let’s be real, we don’t need it all. With one face and a limited amount of time per day it’s time for a Spring clean!

In a bid to streamline my stash and work out not just what I loved but what I would actually use too – I came up with this little challenge. A serious of questions to ask yourself so you can determine if you should keep it, or donate it. Within this challenge is also a period of time where you wear said product daily. This way you can really see whether you actually that dusty old blush and whether you will realistically reach for it on the daily.

Let me know if you give the challenge a try. Would love to know if it helps you streamline your stash and clear away all those unused beauty products! :)