Revamping My Haircare Routine


Over the past few months I haven’t been overly impressed with my shampoo & conditioner combo. In a bid to use up those half empty bottles I refrained from any purchases however this left me with a rather uninspiring haircare routine. Back in January I did pick up the latest Bumble & Bumble range but after being left disappointed I knew it was time to bite the bullet and jump in head first quite literally into a new range of products. Luckily for me the entire beauty community has been going mad for the brand Davines. Featuring nothing but natural haircare products they’ve been caring for people’s mops since 1983.

Not only has this brand recently hit a cord with a number of vloggers & bloggers, the salon I go to for my colour stocks the full range so I knew it was gonna be good. To kick things off I picked up the OI Shampoo and OI Conditioner. Both promising to deliver soft yet voluminous hair it was like they could read my wish list and packed it all into a single product. Both the shampoo & the conditioner contain roucou oil which aids in the retention of your hairs natural pigment oer. After first use, it was love, as my tresses was frizz free, felt thicker, looked more conditioned and held a beautiful shine.

Next up was something to banish the brass. Over the years of being a blondey my hair has consistently fought the brights and turned to brass. Warm fringes & uneven tone began to breakthrough so I knew I needed something to counteract those natural hues. For this I enlisted the O&M Conquer Blonde Silver Shampoo. Even though they say silver, the product is 100% bright purple, after a few minutes on your scalp this takes dull blondes back to their vibrant salon fresh selves. I’ve found this to be the most moisturising & conditioning purple shampoo I’ve used and can vouch for it’s claims to return those brassy hues back to the banished shelf.

Have you tried out anything from these haircare brands? What are your favourite haircare products at the moment?