Cream Blushers – Love or Hate?

cream blushers
cream blushers

Cream blushers – love them or hate them? Clearly looking at the above picture you are naturally led to believe I’m a fan, however cream blushers are my most unused beauty product. They sit perfectly at the back of my drawers, unassuming whilst gathering dust. So why do I own so many? Good question. You see the thought of a cream blush is rather appealing, a soft focused peachy pink blush that gives a natural finish when applied with either a brush or your fingers. Sounds good right? Unfortunately the reality can be quite different with these little pots delivering a messy application that at times can disturb or move your makeup underneath.

That being said, I keep getting lured in. The colours are gorgeous and applied to the back of my hand, application feels easy. Yet the reality results in me skipping over these cream blush offerings in favour of their powder counterparts. In a bid to streamline my stash more about that coming in Friday’s video! I put all my cream blushers into a pile to decide what could stay and what needs to go. Top picture – the collection that was. Second picture – what remains.

So what made the cut to live on within the keep pile? Firstly my two MAC cream blushers in Virgin Isle and Something Special. These are two nostalgia keeps but who knows, I might revive them in the Summer! I’ve got Stila’s Convertible Colour in Lillium which is just beautiful and also their Aqua Glow Water Colour Blush in Water Lily which is a formula I still haven’t managed to work out yet but know one day I’ll crack it. Finally there is my Laura Mercier Bonne Mine in Coral Glow which I will be keeping forever as it was used on my friends Wedding day by all the bridal party.

Are you a fan of cream blush? Do you buy them and use them or let them gather dust like I’ve tended to do!

  • Ghia

    I love cream blushes but like you, I don’t use them as often. I have oily skin and it’s hard to use cream blushes without looking like a total grease ball at the end of the day! I love the Stila Convertible colours though since they are the most blendable and pigmented cream blushes I’ve ever tried!
    -Ghia of

  • I love cream blush but it can be really hard to apply sometimes without sliding the rest of your makeup everywhere – I think the trick is lots of setting spray but I’m still trying to work it out! :)
    – Ambar x

    • I still need to fathom out the perfect routine – if I ever do I will be sure to share it!xx

  • I looooooove cream blush but I have insanely dry skin so I avoid powder products of all descriptions really. My absolute fave by a mile is the max factor one which comes in a tiny pot in the shade ‘copper’. Defo worth a try if you want to have one last go at a new cream blush x
    Dinner With Maddie | A London lifestyle blog for badass ladies

  • Fernanda Turri Braga

    LOVE! I just have a Maybelline one and a palette with five of the Stila Convertible Colors and I love them all. They look so natural and efortless and I never had problems with them moving what is underneath.

    New in Makeup

    • Do you apply them with a brush or with your fingers? I think this might be where I am going wrong!xx

  • I don’t often wear blusher due to my naturally blushed cheeks but when I have a fuller coverage foundation on I always opt for cream blusher over powder! I just feel like it looks so much more natural on my skin. I love the Stila Convertible Colours, they’re my favourite :)

    Kate xo //

    • I think I need to dedicate some more time to trying out the Stila one so I fall back in love!xx

  • I don’t wear blushes because I already have my cheeks really pink haha but I think that the ones from Mac are the best!

    • I have super rosy cheeks as well but love popping on a blush (obviously with concealer underneath to counteract the redness haha)xx

  • Casey Louise

    I can’t get along with cream blushers tbh

    Casey – ATopsyTurvyBlog

  • I love the MAC Something Special, I prefer cream blushers due to how dry my skin is

    Lauren x |

    • I think because my skin used to be more oily I would always avoid them but now it is becoming more dry I might have to give them a try again xx

  • It goes in phases with! Right now I’m all about powder blush again but I’m sure I’ll soon switch to cream formulas again for a couple weeks or even months. It’s always been like that for me :-)

    • That’s very true – cream blushers always become more popular in summer and spring time!xx

  • cheburashka

    I think if you find the right brush the application will be easy and won’t disturb the make up underneath.. Stila makes the best on the market i believe..and NYX cream blushes are descent as well…

    • I have seen a few NYX cream blushers that look gorgeous. Might have to give them a go just to see ;) xx

  • I love cream blushers, they create such a natural base that looks super fresh! Kevyn Aucoin and MAC are my favs!

    Jasmine | xx

  • I wish I could get on with cream blushes but they always move my foundation underneath :'(
    You could try using them on your lips instead of getting rid of them?
    Fleur x

  • I’m not sure about cream blushes. I feel like some of them stay put once you apply them and then it all gets so messy trying to fix it up eek x

    Katina |

    • That’s my worry and I always assume it will be messy as opposed to actually giving them a try!xx

  • I honestly don’t use cream blush as much as powder, I probably own 2 or 3 and skip them most of the times, I just don’t like the way they sit on the skin, but it can be the specific formula. You narrowed down to a good amount of them, love the look of Stila’s Lillium in particular :) xx

    Sara |

  • I love cream blushes in the spring/summer as they offer a much fresher look, however I don’t really own that many. I do tend to gravitate towards powder based blushes a lot more!

    Heather, Porcelain Beauty x